Worst Day Ever!

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In light of streetcar opponents' incessant attempts to stop the city from constructing infrastructure it legally planned, funded and is attempting to implement, Mayor Mark Mallory has pointed out that by the time streetcar opponents have a chance to stop the project in mid-construction via a November charter amendment the city would have spent $50 million on the project. Now who's wasting money?—-

Ohio executions are on a record pace, with nine inmates schedule to die this year in the name of you, me and everyone we know who lives in Ohio. But, more importantly, Cincinnati Reds > Cleveland Indians.

John Kasich has cut the state's three-year commitment to transit agencies from $150 million to $80 million. Good luck catching a bus on a Sunday.

Kentuckians are protesting a newly sponsored immigration bill that would allow law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of individuals they stop or detain. How would officers ever determine whether or not to check?

The U.S. Catholic church has approved an iPhone app designed for confession. Note to users: DO NOT CONFUSE WITH E-MAIL APP.

First Lady Michelle Obama is a sensible woman — she says her daughters don't need to be using Facebook yet and that she wears foreign designers because they “have cute stuff too.”

Jennifer Anniston swears she's happy despite the media writing about every dumb asshole who breaks up with her.

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