Worst Day Ever! With Justin Bieber Updates!

Feb 24, 2011 at 10:32 am

President Obama has decided that the Justice Department probably shouldn't defend a law banning federal benefits for same-sex couples, calling the “Defense of Marriage Act” unconstitutional. Implications for 2012? Sure. Majority of Americans believing the government should give legal recognition to same sex-couples? That too.—-

When it comes to news of Cincinnati City Council trying to get something done, it's never a good sign when a headline includes the words “getting more complicated.” Solve the city pension problem? They're just simple folk.

The Ohio Senate altered its union-crushing bill to allow wage bargaining. Now they're gonnna ask for raises.

Lakota schools has detailed its $12.2 million in cuts. Princeton has to talk about how to keep teaching its kids good while spending $8 million less.

Stan Chesley, big guy Republican/fen-phen settlement stealer (allegedly) is about to get banned from lawyering in Kentucky.

GM reports its first annual profit since purchasing the Hummer 2004.

USWeekly FLASHBACK! Justin Bieber sings for spare change in 2007. Also, Bieber gave some of his hair to Ellen Degeneres but his new wax figure is going to feature his old haircut. Here's a 3-year-old crying over him (sorry, embedding disabled by request of the mean older sister who filmed it).

UPDATE!: CityBeat has found a video even more embarrassing than the assholes who made the 3-year-old cry. Here's a home video of Justin Bieber singing "Happy Birthday" to a girl in a poorly lit family room.

UPDATE II!: That video's embedding was also disabled.

CityBeat will update this blog as videos of Justin Bieber available for reuse are found.

UPDATE III!: Justin Bieber went to the crying 3-year-old's house and met her! It's like a combination of the first video's awkwardness with the second one's production value. That Justin Bieber is so cute and charming!