Worst Week Ever!: Dec. 25-31

Gov. John Kasich last week provided a glimpse into a future where education funds are cut while tax shelters for the rich are made more lucrative.

Dec 31, 2013 at 9:27 am
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Gov. John Kasich

Gov. Kasich Opens up About How Things Ought to Be

Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently opened up to members of the business community about his wish list for 2014. Much like last year, our governor is interested in finding tax cuts and reducing personal-income tax. In the past, Kasich has proposed radical ideas such as reducing the number of years it takes to get a four-year degree from four to three. Providing a glimpse into a future where education funds are cut while tax shelters for the rich are made more lucrative, Kasich explained that, “It’s a sin not to help people who need help ... my mother told me this, and frankly it’s biblical as well. It’s also a sin to continue to help people who need to learn how to help themselves.” This pleased Ohioans everywhere and made them more at ease knowing that one of the most influential people in the state relies on wisdom from his mom and the Bible when making decisions. The reasoning behind giving credence to these sources of information is rooted in accepting that moms know a lot of stuff and the Bible is good to reference when making vague comments about how poor people are aggravating.

McDonald’s Shuts Down McResource After Running Out of Jokes

Instead of trying to think of new ways to insult their employees for being poor via the Internet, McDonald’s has opted to pull the plug on its McResource Line employee help website. The site gained notoriety when it advised employees to break their food up into smaller pieces so they would feel full quicker and to sell their possessions on Craigslist to get some scratch together. The last straw for the site came after it was leaked that the McResource Line warned employees about the dangers of eating fast food. Having run out of ways to make workers feel bad about their wages and the product they serve for the time being, McDonald’s IT team has shifted its efforts to installing a slide-whistle noise effect to accompany the click that takes employees to view their paychecks online.

Atlanta Takes Bold Steps to Combat Peeing in Train Stations

Large cities don’t have any bathrooms, and this situation, coupled with drinking a lot of alcohol, can result in citizens having to pee while using public transportation. Atlanta’s public transit authority, MARTA, is trying to crack down on the worst kind of people who pee in public places — those who do so in elevators. Escalators and elevators across Atlanta are being fitted with urine detection devices, or UDDs. Sensors across elevator floors will be installed, so as soon as urine is detected an alarm sounds, alerting MARTA police officers to the scene immediately. It is hoped that more rapid responses coupled with the use of emerging technologies will make using Atlanta’s public transit system a more enjoyable and pee-free experience. Residents are leery of the UDDs and afraid of being targeted just for having stepped in pee somewhere earlier and ending up with criminal charges because of it. Early feedback from MARTA officers suggests that while catching more public urinators is the principal benefit of the new program it is also the biggest drawback.

Teacher Who Now Needs Job Believes Nation Doesn’t Need Another Black President

A teaching job is likely to be opening soon at the Fairfield Freshman School after science teacher Gil Voigt was suspended for getting all David Allan Coe about who belongs in the White House and who doesn’t. Science teachers are known more for being awkward and unable to interact with students than for being big old racists, so it came as quite a surprise to Fairfield City Schools when it came to light that in response to a black student saying he wanted to be president one day, the now-fired instructor tried to explain that the nation doesn’t need another black president. Discouraging the lofty aspirations of our nation’s youth on basis of race or gender is frowned upon in the educational community, and largely the reason for this man’s dismissal. The terminated employee has 10 days to request a hearing to dispute the personnel action. In advance of next week’s deadline, the embattled teacher is working diligently to prepare a series of pie-chart diagrams that thoroughly explain the appropriate proportions of black people in different professional sectors throughout all three branches of government.

Ohio’s Public Safety Department Shines Light on People Who Drink and Drive Like Way Too Much

In an effort to better monitor Ohio drivers who have racked up five or more DUI convictions in the past two decades, the public safety department has expanded its online database to be more comprehensive. The update was made after reports indicated that the registry only contained information from courts in around half of the counties in Ohio. The update resulted in the number of names on the list growing from around 400 to 5,300. Despite the exponential increase in the number of Ohio residents who are now in the system, the safety department urged the public to celebrate this recent update rather than wonder how it is possible for people who have been caught drunk driving once every four years for the past 20 years to still be allowed on the road.

Beyonce Samples Audio from Historically Terrible Incident

Pop star Beyonce has come under scrutiny for her bizarre decision to incorporate audio samples from the space shuttle Challenger disaster into a love song on her new album. Most people haven’t figured out how sampling a national tragedy that claimed the lives of seven astronauts works into romantic overture, but the song “XO” begins with NASA public affairs officer Steve Nesbitt’s voice saying, “Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction.” Many have decried this artistic choice as insensitive and hurtful. Beyonce’s representatives responded that it’s not like she was singing, “If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put O-Rings on It” and that people are overreacting as usual.

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