Your Liver Hates Me (and I'm OK With That)

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Gaaaaaaah! Hung. Over. Ugh. Is it the weekend already? I’m still recovering from this week and the weekend is lookin’ to be pretty high up on the tomfoolery totem pole. Fun hurts. ——

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please look around, pain killers are lost and must be found!

(I’m a recovering Catholic).

Hopefully everyone out there is over all o’ this snuggly foolishness associated with Valentine’s Day (I strongly resisted the urge to hurl a heavy object at a dude with flowers on the corner o’ MLK and Clifton Avenue last weekend) and we can just move onto drinking for the sake o’ drinking itself and not just to stifle the urge to jump off o’ something tall. Did you guys read all the wounded Missed Connections posts over last weekend? HI-larious…and pathetic. Nothing like a stupid Hallmark Holiday to make ya take heart stock in such a cyber fashion. El-lameo! (Hey…were any o’ those ‘bouts me?) My roommate’s boyfriend snuck in to CLEAN HER ROOM FOR HER?! as a surprise before she got off work, and give her flowers! WTF? Plus, he made her dinner and wrote her a mushtastic note full o' euphoric love glee. (Vomit amongst yourselves).

Me to Erin two minutes ago:  “Is it OK if I mock your relationship in blog form?”

Erin (groggily): “Yeah…I guess.”

Tonight Mallory and Sybris are at the Northside Tavern with State Song. 'Tis Scot Torries from The Invitational's new band. Woo Hoo! I love when Mallory plays out and they don’t do it often enough. And, not just cuz Mathew Arnold is one o’ the hottest boys in town (Hi, Matt!  Happy B-day!  Hi, Jacqueline! → girlfriend). Oh, and yours truly behind the bar slingin’ the sauce (feel free to tip copious amounts!). Also tonight, Cincinnati Goldsprints 2.0 down at Grammer’s with Gerald Shell DJin’ to all that leg and lung action. Registration is 8-9 p.m. and races start at 10 p.m. And last, but mos def not least, there’s Robot Rock goin’ down at TopCats on Short Vine tonight. Apparently they tapped the keg at noon and have supplies to create your own robot costume! Music by The Prohibitionists, Culture Queer and The Lions Rampant. The $5 cover gets you in and all the PBR you can drink, until it runs out. The latter is highly likely, cuz, erm, did I mention that The Lions Rampant are there? Oh, and Stuart wants it to be widely known that he is not going to be a robot tonight, he is going to be a  PROBE. Watch out ladies and guard those orifices!

A garbage man tried to pick me up on the walk o’ shame home from the boy’s in Clifton this morning!  What does that say about me?  Is this what it has come to?

Dancewise this weekend we’s gotz Sebastian Botzow tomorrow, DJin’ at the C&D in Northside. 

I’m flying off the radar Saturday night to attend a friend’s PAJAMAJAMIYAZAKITHON! ‘Tis an all night marathon o’ Hayao Miyazaki flicks, PJ’s, air mattresses and booze! 

In other news:  Did you know that you can catch all o’ the five Best Picture Oscar Nominees on Saturday at the AMC for $30? You can come and go with an all day pass and unlimited popcorn and free refills.  Runs from 10:30 a.m.-9:45 p.m. Catch up just in time for all the Oscar Parties this weekend. 

Drink the Kool-Aid and bring your helmets! ‘TIS ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, BITCH-HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lethargy is ruling. Synapses not connecting properly. I need a nap. 

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