Your Pointless Existence

Road to Wellness

Sep 20, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Life: What's the point? What's the use? What's it all for? Have you been at this place in life much? It's not exactly a depressing place to be, more like neutral — just a boring sense of pointlessness to anything you do or plan to do. You might try various things to get out of this so-called rut or neutrality, but it doesn't really work. You could even plan an exciting world tour, but once you embark upon it you find yourself asking these same questions again — same questions, different country.

If you find yourself coming to this place often, however, you've actually arrived at where the real point of life can be given. Yes, at the place of pointlessness in life we can start to get the point.

The point isn't so much that life is pointless, though — it's that your life is pointless the way it stands now.

But this isn't a bad thing. Most people don't even recognize how pointless their existence is, and so they just keep trying the same old ways to prove a point about themselves that doesn't exist.

When you recognize and accept your own personal pointlessness, you really start to get the point, and you might even be able to give it to others. In fact, in giving away our point for being alive we find one of the best tricks for recognizing the point of our existence.

Ask anyone who has been on a battlefield: The closer you get toward death the more alive you'll become. In other words, if you want to know the real point of life you'll have to become willing to die. Give up all those pointless things you've been living for — bigger house, better car, higher status, fame — all the stuff that never has an end to it.

Eventually, if you're paying attention, you'll snap out of this idiocy and realize you're chasing a chimera, an endless mirage. You could be on the brink of it now simply by recognizing the truth in what's said here. So if you're upset with life for continuing to bring you to this pointless point, stop! Be grateful! You have this repetition of nonsensical pointlessness to thank for bringing you to the point!

So don't deny your pointless existence, just give it up. Recognize that your personal (self-serving) goals are pointless in comparison to your glorious potential and pointless in comparison to the point God has for you.

God is the point of everything. God is the point of you. God is simply the point. Get it!

WILLIAM BRASHEAR is a Yoga Psychologist and owner of Cincinnati Yoga School in Blue Ash. He's been practicing progressive meditation since 1988 and gives lectures and instruction locally and internationally. Contact him at [email protected].