Zuckerberg Critiques 'The Social Network'

Dec 7, 2010 at 5:35 pm

Did anyone else see baby-faced Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes the other night? The 26-year-old multi-billionaire told interviewer Leslie Stahl that, after initially vowing that he would never see David Fincher's Facebook origin story, The Social Network, he took the entire company to check out the film the day it opened in theaters. —-

Zuckerberg said that it was interesting to see where the film got things right (his clothes, which are an uninspired collection of lame name brands in varying shades of gray) and where it was off base — that he founded Facebook to get girls (he noted that he's been dating his current girlfriend since before he founded the company) and that the Winklevoss twins' (ably and hilariously played in the film by one actor, Armie Hammer) lawsuit that makes up the movie's narrative spine was only a small blip in the history of Facebook.

Elsewhere in the otherwise unilluminating, choppily edited interview — Stahl and/or CBS blew what should have been a rare opportunity to get into the head of one of the more intriguing cultural figure of our time — Zuckerberg actually came off as more of a socially awkward geek than he does in the movie, in which he's played by Jesse Eisenberg with an oddly admiring sense of intellectual superiority that was nowhere to be found in the 60 Minutes conversation.

For a guy who's made his fame and fortune allowing others to “connect” more readily, Zuckerberg remains an enigma. As such, it's no wonder the “real” Zuckerberg couldn't muster more disgust when discussing Fincher's surprisingly compelling film, which recently (and deservedly) swept the National Board of Review awards (it won for Best Film, Director, Actor and Adapted Screenplay) and which is no doubt in line to garner multiple Oscar nominations.