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Inside East Hyde Park's China Gourmet, a Culinary Staple for Over Four Decades

China Gourmet has been in East Hyde Park since 1977. Back then, Bing and Jean Moy left mainland China for Hong Kong…

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April’s Seafood Noodle Stir-Fry (shrimp and scallops with veggies over stir-fried noodles; $26 or $15 for a half-order)
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21 Essential Cincinnati Chinese Restaurants You Should Have Tried By Now

From decade-old establishments that have kept the family dream alive, to tasty new spots fusing tradition with contemporary flavor, these eateries are…

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Shanghai Mama’s
    216 E. Sixth St., Downtown
    Shanghai Mama’s menu gives you the option of mixing and matching proteins with starches. The noodles are homemade, thick and rustic and very delicious. And Mama’s is very vegetarian-friendly. There are several seitan dishes, including veggie cashew chicken and the Happy Buddha. Open late on weekends to accommodate the post-hours, after-bar crowd. 
    Photo: Adam Doty
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