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25 Very Cute and Very Adoptable Dogs and Cats to Help Calm Your Nerves

Have you been considering adopting a new furry pal? With dog-friendly coffee shops, bakeries, bars and parks, Cincinnati is a great place…

By CityBeat Staff

    Age: Adult / Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Sex: Female / Rescue: Stray Animal Adoption Program
    “Renaissance (or 'Reni' as her friends call her) has given birth to her last litter of pups and is ready to reinvent herself! She is an enthusiastic player, preferring rough and tumble play with a dog her size, so her new best friend can keep up with her. She tends to have a bit of trouble making friends because not everyone wants to play with a wiggle butt body slamming into you, but when you have as much energy as this fun girl, thats the BEST way to play! Do you think that you (and your existing doggo, if you have one) are strong enough, both physically strong and strong willed, to be part of Reni's new family?”
    Photo: Stray Animal Adoption Program
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