15 Adorable Cincinnati Pets Looking For a New Home in the New Year

Have you been considering adopting a new furry pal? With dog-friendly coffee shops, bakeries, bars and parks, Cincinnati is a great place…

By CityBeat Staff

    Age: 9 years old / Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Mix / Sex: Female / Rescue: Save The Animals Foundation
    "Someone deserted little Glinda, along with her pal Toto, just days after Christmas. They were found cold, starving and matted. We wish we knew their background, which would make a big difference in our vet assessment and their adoption outlook. She tremors like a chihuahua. Her CBC/chem profile shows nothing remarkable; we are awaiting a neuro consult to eliminate any conditions of concern. Her tremors could just be idiopathic. Grateful to be in out of the cold, but would be so much happier in a home of their own, with some warm laps to curl up in. Got a little room in yours for a little love or two? Please contact us to arrange a meeting! If you are interested in Glinda and/or her pal Toto, please fill out an application at www.STAF.org."
    Photo via Save The Animals Foundation
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