14 Cozy Cabins Within Driving Distance of Cincinnati

These cabins — all within driving distance of Cincinnati — are nestled in secluded forests or perched atop hillsides offering humbling views.…

By CityBeat Staff

    Stanton, Kentucky
    From $245/night | Hosts 7 guests
    "Immerse yourself into the wilderness of Kentucky and enjoy the morning birds, reconnect with loved ones, and wake up to the sunrise in this recently renovated cabin. Sage & Cedar is a blend of the rustic roots of Eastern Kentucky and the modern flare of today's society creating a unique and cozy experience. Only 3 miles from Natural Bridge State Park, 6.5 miles from the Red River Gorge, 3.5 miles from Nada Tunnel, guests are able to access hiking trails and major attractions with only a short commute.” — Airbnb 
    Photo via airbnb.com
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These Instagrammable Queen City Airbnbs Are Begging for a Staycation

You don't have to travel far to experience a little escape. These Cincinnati Airbnbs host Pintrest-worthy getaways, boasting excellent views, top-notch accommodations…

By CityBeat Staff

Vibrant Retreat in Downtown's West Fourth Historic District
    Entire Apartment | Starting at $139/night | Host 2 Guests
    "Revel in the eclectic wonderland within this captivating loft apartment boasting vivid artworks, vibrant decor, and natural aquariums. Prepare breakfast in a sleek, skylit kitchen and dine at a glass-topped table with contemporary swivel chairs."
    Photo via Airbnb.com
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