Spot the Cake in These Hyperreal Food Recreations from Cincinnati's Fat Ben's Bakery

As Surrealist René Magritte would say: This is not a pipe. And these food items aren't what they look like. Instead, they are…

By CityBeat Staff

Cake chicken nugget and fries
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These Vibrant, Psychedelic Gelatin Creations Were Made by Greater Cincinnati's Calliope Sweets

Consider, if you will, the gelatin mold. Sixty years ago you’d be hard-pressed to find a household that didn’t have one nestled…

By CityBeat Staff

Orange blossom jellyscape
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A Sneak Peek of Mon Petit Choux, a Patisserie and Lunch Bistro Opening on Court Street Downtown

The owner of Cheviot’s Maribelle Cakery is breaking out of her cake mold to bring French pastries to downtown’s Central Business District.…

By CityBeat Staff

Mon Petit Choux will be in a light, airy space at 24A W. Court St. downtown. The shop will focus primarily on pastries. Expect classic French delicacies including, but not limited to: fruit tarts, eclairs, macaron towers, croquembouche and cream puffs, the shop’s purposely misspelled namesake.
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