20 Greater Cincinnati Ice Cream Parlors You Need to Visit This Summer

From old school creameries to Thai rolled, nitrogen-infused and gelato, the Queen City has plenty of options when it comes to getting…

By CityBeat Staff

Best Chocolates
    1. Aglamesis Bro’s, aglamesis.com
    2. Maverick Chocolate Co., maverickchocolate.com
    3. Esther Price, estherprice.com
    Photo: Hailey Bollinger
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17 Essential Cincinnati Creamy Whips You Need to Visit This Summer

If you grew up in Cincinnati — or even in the Midwest — you know that when your favorite neighborhood creamy whip…

By CityBeat Staff

Zip Dip
    4050 Drew Ave., Westwood
    Zip Dip literally shines like a beacon of light through the dark — the iconic neon lightning bolt adorning the roof is unmistakable. It was added to the building in 1951 and has been guiding customers through summer heat waves to ice cream salvation ever since. 
    What to order: Everyone loves a classic. The top-seller here is a basic small cone with a twist, but scrap the whole chocolate and vanilla idea. Zip Dip serves an orange and vanilla twist that will make you forget you ever wanted anything else. If you’re looking for more, Zip Dip has a whole heap of ice cream selections from chipwiches to sugar-free yogurt to banana boat parfaits. Those who prefer to drink their ice cream should skip the shakes and opt for a malt instead.
    Photo: Jesse Fox
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