These Vintage Postcards Show What Life Was Like in Cincinnati a Century Ago

From our stunning centuries-old architecture and landmarks to long-standing attractions and transportation stations, the Queen City is rich with history. These moments…

By CityBeat Staff

Cincinnati Observatory in Mount Lookout
    Photo: From the Collection of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
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Peer Back in Time With These Magical Photos of the ‘Old Main’ Library of Cincinnati

Cincinnati's "Old Main" was once considered to be one of the most magnificent public library buildings in the country. Spiral staircases weaved…

By CityBeat Staff

A visitor retrieving a book at the Old Main Library
    Photo: Courtesy of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Digital Archives
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The Mercantile Library is Cincinnati's Very Own 'Room of Requirement'

Operating since 1835, The Mercantile Library has been lending books in Cincinnati almost 20 years longer than our own public library. Hidden…

By CityBeat Staff

The Mercantile Library
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