This Historic Gaslight Clifton Home — Currently Operating as an AirBnb — Is for Sale for $649,900

Built in 1900, this six-bedroom, four-bathroom house sits in the heart of Cincinnati's Uptown District.  Located at 217 Loraine Ave., residents are…

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Beautiful and Historic Ludlow District Home Which Formerly Operated as an AirBnb Listed for $649,900
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Historic Greek Revival-Style Estate "Somerset Hall" is Now for Sale in Ludlow

416 Closson Court, Ludlow, Kentucky A Northern Kentucky historic landmark located in Ludlow recently entered the real estate market. Known as "Somerset…

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Historic Greek Revival-Style Estate "Somerset Hall" is Now for Sale in Ludlow
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7 Spooky Greater Cincinnati Spots You Won't Want to Visit at Night

Cincinnati is a city rich with history and stories. As we sink into October, the darker, more hidden stories emerge. These homes…

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Ludlow Incinerator 
    Location: In the woods of Devou Park, Covington, Ky. 
    Down the road from the Ludlow Lagoon Clubhouse is the Ludlow Incinerator. The incinerator was built in the ‘40s to burn trash until it was shut down in the ‘60s. At first glance, its history seems uneventful. Except, the body of a deceased Covington waitress was discovered near the incinerator in 1967. The cause of death? The woman was strangled with her own stockings, which were left knotted around her neck. No one is certain to what extent this specific murder is attached to the string of serial murders that took place between Cincinnati and Michigan in the ‘60s. Regardless, the incinerator still somehow reeks of trash and is littered with new refuse — used condoms, empty beer cans and probably whatever else you can imagine there. Covered in graffiti and crumbling brick, the place isn’t what you’d call welcoming. 
    Photo: Josh Purnell
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