27 Essential Suburban Cincinnati Restaurants You Should Have Visited By Now

While Over-the-Rhine's culinary scene receives most of the spotlight, there are plenty of notable restaurants located outside of the city that deserve…

By CityBeat Staff

Two Cities Pizza
    202 W. Main St., Mason
    New York City and Chicago are well-known for several things. But most importantly, each city is known for a particular style of pizza. New York pizza is hand-tossed with thin, wide slices and deliciously greasy cheese. Chicago style? You’re talking deep dish — a super thick round pie covered in chunky tomato sauce with a crunchy, flaky pan crust. Now, you don’t have to travel further than Mason to get a taste of both. Two Cities Pizza Company, a dining destination housed in Mason’s former city hall — with a bit of an Art Deco nightclub rebrand — closes the chasm between the dueling pizza metropolises. Go classic and grab a deep-dish Windy City with sausage, onion, green pepper and chunky tomato; and the Marathoner NYC-style margherita. In addition to pizza, they offer tempting best-of-both-worlds street food from each city, like a Chicago dog with all the fixings (no ketchup; add celery salt) or a New York dog with brown mustard and sauerkraut.
    Photo via Facebook.com/TwoCitiesPizza
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Inside Phoenician Taverna, a Mouthwatering Lebanese Eatery Hidden in a Mason Strip Mall

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Phoenician Taverna sits near one end of a generic row of shops and services in a Mason strip mall.
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