Goat Yoga, Disc Golf and More Alt Outdoor Cincy Activities

Sometimes you need more than a pretty view to get you off the couch

Sometimes you need more than a pretty view to get you off the couch. These alternative outdoor activities pair novelty and physical activity for an atypical experience.

click to enlarge Honey Sweetie Acres hosts goat yoga classes for teens and adults - Photo: Honey Sweetie Acres
Photo: Honey Sweetie Acres
Honey Sweetie Acres hosts goat yoga classes for teens and adults

Goat Yoga

Yep, you read that right. Goat. Yoga. The union of mind, body and soul. And goats. Taking place throughout the summer, Honey Sweetie Acres’ Goat Yoga classes ($41) lead participants through poses and asanas while America’s favorite ruminant quadruped uses your twisted-up body as a playground: “You may or may not be visited by a baby goat who wants to climb on you,” says Honey Sweetie Acres’ website. “T-shirt pulling, pony-tail tugging and pebbles on your mat are all risks you take during class.” 

Even Khloe Kardashian has taken part in the national craze, stretching out with some goats on Kevin Hart’s new YouTube series, What the Fit. Keep up with the Kardashians — curl up with furry friends. Class sizes are limited to 20 people, 18 and older (except during Teen and Me dates). The next class is May 4. 

Sunrock Farm in Wilder, Ky. also hosts a barnyard yoga class with Rooted Yoga. On April 21, the half-hour class includes goats, bunnies, chicks and lambs. Honey Sweetie Acres, 2710 Spring Hill Road, Goshen, honeysweetieacres.com; Sunrock Farm, 103 Gibson Lane, Wilder, Ky., sunrockfarm.org.

Newport DIY

Hand-built by local skaters, Newport DIY is the brainchild of Galaxie Skateshop founder Gary Collins and a testament to the power of human ingenuity. The park is an evolving landscape, one that began as a rudimentary setup of grindboxes and ramps before blossoming into the concrete playground it is today, complete with a kidney-shaped pool. Despite its humble location under the I-471 bridge in Newport, Ky., the DIY spot is a nationally recognized landmark: one of the few “unofficial” skate parks that has survived the scrutiny of local officials. Make a trip across the river to experience firsthand the dedicated sense of community that has nourished this concrete beast. 

click to enlarge Mount Airy's disc golf course - Photo: Kellie Coleman
Photo: Kellie Coleman
Mount Airy's disc golf course

Mount Airy Disc Golf Course

You’ve probably passed by a disc golf Pole Hole at some point — they’re a fixture at public parks, with beckoning chains swinging eerily in the breeze. They’re easily overlooked, as much a part of the landscape as a rusted grill or a jungle gym. Stumble upon Mount Airy Forest’s disc golf course, though, and you’ll find a vibrant community of enthusiasts, each with their own arsenal of multi-colored discs (Warning: Don’t call them Frisbees) and group of pals. The game is taken seriously here and attracts a group of fans that aren’t bound by age or gender. Kids come with their parents; college kids bring their pets; older folks up their step counts. Whether you’re a card-carrying member of the Professional Disc Golf Association or a newbie who can’t tell a driver from a putter, 18 holes at Mount Airy is a prime opportunity to enjoy some fresh air at Cincinnati’s largest park. Visit the pro shop — The Nati Disc Golf — to grab some discs of your own and learn more about the game. Mount Airy Forest, 4800 Lodge Road, Westwood, thenatidiscgolf.com.

click to enlarge Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum hosts multiple outdoor tours - Photo: Kellie Coleman
Photo: Kellie Coleman
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum hosts multiple outdoor tours

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Think about it: Is there a better place to take a walk than a cemetery? They feature paved roads, dope Gothic architecture, manicured greenery, total solitude and the constant reminder of your own mortality. Memento Mori. Challenge: bring a friend, seek out the most extravagant headstone or mausoleum and take to your search engine of choice to find out as much as possible about the person buried there. Alternatively, make the trip solo and enjoy a walk’s worth of silence. 

The 150-year-old Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum hosts events from time to time, including 5k races and guided tours. There’s an Arbor Day Walking Tour on April 28 to explore the grand grounds and magnificent, old trees; and a Weekend Walkabout on May 5 (held the first Saturday of each month May-October) to meander through the monuments on a guided walk. 4521 Spring Grove Ave., Spring Grove Village, springgrove.org. 

Visit Utopia

Heaven is a place on Earth — and it’s only a 45-minute drive from Cincinnati. Utopia, Ohio, a short-lived and ill-fated community in Clermont County, was founded in 1844 by French Socialist Charles Fourier, an iconoclastic philosopher who was an early proponent of women’s and workers’ rights. Unfortunately, the community, which kicked off in the same year that Boston’s Brook Farm opened, lasted only a little longer than its Massachusetts counterpart. Utopia closed three years later, only to be sold to a group of spiritualists who were swept away in one of the Ohio River’s worst floods. After becoming home to some local anarchists for a brief period, the city’s social experimentation died down. Though it’s still home to a few folks, it’s often referred to a ghost town. If you’re feeling adventurous, invite some pals out on a trip to paradise: there’s little more than a gas station and the remains of a spiritualist church there, but tap into your inner ghost hunter and you might be surprised at what supernatural surprises lurk within.

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