10 Best Indian OnlyFans Featuring Best Indian OnlyFans in 2023

As India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, it may not surprise you that there are plenty of Indian OnlyFans models on one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. OnlyFans itself adds about half a million new subscribers a day, and the number of content creators continues to climb past two million as well.

India is known for its rich cultural heritage. You might know it for the Taj Mahal, but it’s also a multilingual country and the birthplace of both yoga and Ayurveda practices. Similarly, Indian OnlyFans girls have a variety of talents and specialties for their subscribers to enjoy and come from different cultural backgrounds.

While there is a lot of content on OnlyFans and many come from an Indian heritage, not all accounts are the ones that you might want to subscribe to. Some models seem to have a certain je ne sais quoi, a little something that sets them apart from the rest. We’ve gathered the cream of the crop here so you can find your top Indians on OnlyFans more easily and quickly.

Top OnlyFans Indian - Best Indian Girl OnlyFans

Only Fans Indian - Indian OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Indian OnlyFans Accounts With Indian Girls Only Fans Content in 2023

Natasha Kaur - Hairy Indian Babe’s Indians on OnlyFans Account Features:

  • Over 3600 photos and 240 videos
  • 600 subscribers
  • $7/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Natasha Kaur - Hairy Indian Babe:

She lets all her hair grow naturally, but the same can’t be said for the hair on her head! She likes to change that color out, sometimes going blonde and other times silver. You’ll always get a variety of looks when it comes to this Indian Only Fans hottie who enjoys no-shave November all year round.

Natasha Laur really enjoys self-pleasure and is happy for you to see the results as well. She’s got plenty of closeups of special places, as well as women playing with women and men enjoying time with women too. You’ll get to see behind-the-scenes peeks at her no-shaving journey.

But it’s not all about her. This content creator also likes to hear from her fans about custom requests they have. She also enjoys sexting and will give you a fun rating as well.

Natasha Kaur - Hairy Indian Babe’s Highlights

  • Lives in California so she can have fun in the sun
  • Gives you lots of nature shots in her backgrounds
  • Highlights never-before-seen photos, only on her OnlyFans Indian page
  • Lots of panty shots

What Natasha Kaur - Hairy Indian Babe’s Fans Say

  • “I love watching an all-natural Desi woman!”
  • “You know what they say about California girls 😲!”
  • “She gave me my favorite fun 🍆 rating!”
  • “The videos of her with other women are super hot!”
If you like them hot AND hairy, you need to check out Natasha Kaur - Hairy Indian Babe.

#2. Jasmine — Sexiest solos Indian Only Fans

Jasmine’s Indian OnlyFans Girls Account Features:

  • More than 1000 photos and 280 videos
  • $9.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Jasmine:

When you first see this hot, curvy content creator, you might notice her big gorgeous breasts, especially since she enjoys showing them off. Or you might consider her round bum to be one of her best features. She’s the type of girl who gets super antsy at her day job, which just means she’s even more excited to create explicit material when she gets home.

She’s also hairy, and she wants to make sure that she brings you pleasure on a regular basis. Jasmine enjoys providing ratings for men. Although most of her content is just her, she does have some playtime with men as well.

As you can probably tell from the number of posts she already has to show you, she posts frequently during the week. Sometimes she’ll even post on the weekends. She’ll usually do one video during the week, and the remainder are her erotic photos.

Jasmine’s Highlights

  • She provides a free rate when you subscribe
  • Ask her for custom pictures and videos
  • Get to know her on video calls as well
  • She posts 3-5 times during the week
  • 3-month subscribers receive a free video of her with a mechanical toy

What Jasmine’s Fans Say

  • “Just watching her enjoy her body is the highlight 👏 of my day.”
  • “Jasmine is so sexy when she plays with toys – especially the machines!”
  • “I just had the most amazing video call with her and she’s going to do a custom shoot for me 😈!”

Now is the time to watch Jasmine and her orgasms.

#3. Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account — Most Energetic OnlyFans Indian hotwife

Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account’s Only Fans Indian Account Features:

  • Over 500 photos and 100 videos
  • 6000 subscribers
  • $29.80/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account:

This incredible model’s page is only for fans of thick, sexy, Indian girls OnlyFans with gorgeous big booties. She adores being a Desi hotwife and her mission in life is to fully sate you. She aims to please until you’re completely satisfied.

When you subscribe, you get access to all of her material without any pay-per-view payments. And you’ll have a lot to choose from, as she’s featured in her own solo videos as well as with lesbians who are ready to party.

If you prefer seeing content with men and women, Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account has you covered on that front too. She’s got plenty of videos with her husband (also an Only Fans Indian creator) and other collaborators as well. Not to mention her steamy mistress/slave sessions caught on tape too.

Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account’s Highlights

  • Sexy nude pics posted frequently
  • Full length playtime videos with male models
  • Fun with female creators
  • If you buy anything from her wishlist you’ll get a sexy picture of her with it (or in it as the case may be!)
  • All explicit posts always unlocked for her fans

What Priya Hotwife Indian VIP Account’s Fans Say

  • “I wish my wife could be that fun 💋 in the bedroom!”
  • “Seeing Priya with hot lesbians really satisfied my body.
  • “This is one of my all-time favorite desi models, hands down.”
Watch this wife get it on for your viewing pleasure.

#4. Ms. sethi — Best Only Fans Indian babydoll

Ms. sethi’s Indian Girls OnlyFans Account Features:

  • More than 450 videos and 550 photos
  • 14500 subscribers
  • Currently on sale $5.50 for 30 days, normally $10/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About ms. sethi:

She’s the baddest Indian on social media, and she has one of the best booties on Indian OnlyFans models. It’s big, round, and gorgeous, and she pairs those bodacious bottom with a nice pair of ta-tas and a tiny waist. She’s very proud of her physical attributes so you’ll get to see a lot of them.

If there’s one thing that ms. sethi is extremely fond of, it’s bbc. She may be a bad little babydoll, but she takes her favorites like a champ. She’s also a fan of the schoolgirl look, putting her hair in demure braids and wearing a short tartan skirt that doesn’t quite cover her big, round rump.

You’ll also get to see her in a variety of backgrounds and locations so you’ll never get bored. She enjoys lingerie as well as more traditional desi garments, but either way they’ll all come off in the end.

Ms. Sethi’s Highlights

  • Invites you to rate her performance (in direct messages)
  • Baddest Indian girl OnlyFans babydoll
  • Takes care of her hair
  • Quick response to messages

What Ms. Sethi’s Fans Say

  • “Couldn’t take my eyes off that behind 🍑!”
  • “One of my fave desi models who really knows how to werk it.”
  • “Absolutely mesmerizing to watch. I can’t get enough!”
Get after this bad Indian girls OnlyFans babydoll.

#5. INDIANGRLFRND — Baddest Indian girl OnlyFans

INDIANGRLFRND’S Best Indian OnlyFans Account Features:

  • Over 450 videos and 1000 photos
  • 900 subscribers
  • Free

Where to Follow:


You can already tell, just from all the content she’s already posted, that this creator loves her work. She doesn’t show her whole face on her Indian girl OnlyFans, though you will sometimes see her talented tongue. She loves to make sexy content, and promises her fans that she’s more wild than you think.

Currently, she’s making lots of solo playtime content, and you’ll also get to see content with her male ex. INDIANGRLFRND is always ready to have fun and treat her fans to unique pictures and videos. In her freetime, she loves to go to local thrift stores for fun props she can use in her photoshoots.

She’ll also give you a pleasurable fun rating. She enjoys testing sensually with her fans, getting custom requests and doing video calls. If you’re into certain kinds of bathroom play, you’re in luck.


  • Closeups of her favorite lingerie sets
  • Custom asks encouraged, and video messaging available
  • Loves to sext her fans as well and get to know them
  • Loves to wear a bikini


  • “She wasn’t kidding when she said how sweet 🍒she is.”
  • “I know she doesn’t do face for her privacy, but it lets me focus on her creativity even more.”
  • “I thought she looked pretty cute, and she also gets really wild.”
  • “I wasn’t expecting her to sext me back so quick, it was great 👏".
  • “She’s great to talk to.”
Find your new Indian girlfriend right here.

#6. Delhite Delight — Best Indian OnlyFans engineer-exhibitionist

Delhite Delight’s Indian OnlyFans models Account Features:

  • More than 210 photos
  • 700 subscribers
  • $15/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Delhite Delight:

You don’t often get to see explicit images from an engineer who is also an exhibitionist, but you’re in luck when it comes to this Indians on OnlyFans model. Her body is slender and toned, and her rear end is deliciously taut and round. But as lovely as she is, there’s more to her than just a gorgeous figure.

Delhite Delight enjoys “soft” BDSM, and you’ll be able to enjoy those pictures when you subscribe! There won’t be any hardcore pain or intense bondage, but some ropes and similar fun play. She uploads pictures and videos regularly, and you’ll also be able to see some lingerie shoots.

In addition to what she’s already created, she likes to chat one-on-one with her fans. You can request customs, including fetish material (nothing too severe). She also provides fun ratings, so don’t be shy.

Delhite Delight’s Highlights

  • Sexting with her in the DMs
  • Frequent upload of videos and still shots
  • Lots of lingerie
  • Easy rope action and BDSM play
  • Ask for customized pictures and male anatomy rates

What Delhite Delight’s Fans Say

  • “If only all engineers were as smoking hot 🔥 as this one!”
  • “I think because of her background, I really like chatting with Delhite Delight.”
  • “I don’t like the rough stuff as much, and I can’t stop 👀 watching her get tied up!”
  • “She did a custom for me and I made it my screen saver.”
  • “Just looking at her bum turns me on.”

Peep this engineer-exhibitionist’s page and don’t forget to ask for your dick rating!

#7. Jasminx — Sultriest Indian girls OnlyFans bisexual

Jasminx’s Indian OnlyFans Models Account Features:

  • Over 460 videos and 1400 photos
  • 6600 subscribers
  • Currently on sale $12 for 30 days, normally $15/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Jasminx:

Even though she’s active on all her social media channels, her OnlyFans Indian account is the one she updates the most, because she loves hearing from her fans. She really likes to get to know her subscribers on a deeper level, even as she continues to post amazingly sexy pictures and video.

In fact, full length videos are available the moment you subscribe to her. In addition to sexting her fans, she also loves to give out fun ratings and create material based on your custom requests. You’ll find that Jasminx is one of the most interactive models.

And you’ll get to see plenty of bisexual content. She’s an Indian/Maori girl from New Zealand, and one of the cutest little Kiwis you’ll ever see. She enjoys posing in clothes from both sides of her heritage, but best of all in nothing at all. Her most explicit content is exclusive to her OF page.

Jasminx’s Highlights

  • Extra rewards and benefits to subscribers who renew
  • Completely uncensored content, including bisexual play
  • Regular communication with fans
  • Top turnaround on custom asks, including fun ratings
  • From New Zealand with both Maori and Indian heritage

What Jasminx’s Fans Say

  • “By the time I get to the end of her videos, I am sweating.”
  • “She’s so little 🫣 it’s hard to believe she can do all of it!”
  • “She’s so real when you get to know her.”
  • “Jasminx is gorgeous and she has a bangin’ bod!”
  • “One of my favorite desi petite princesses.”

Come get your fill of this pretty petite Kiwi sweetie.

#8. Mia Z — Finest fetish friendly Indians on OnlyFans

Mia Z’s Only Fans Indian Account Features:

  • More than 200 videos and 680 photos
  • 800 subscribers
  • $9/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Mia Z:

While she’s not quite five feet tall, this sultry Fijian doll may mesmerize you to the point that you won’t be able to stay off her page. She likes to post most days of the week, and will tantalize you with her spicy Indian girl OnlyFans page.

As fans of petite models already know, these tiny goddesses can rock your world. When she’s dressed as a cheerleader, in skimpy lingerie, or in more traditional Indian garments, you can still see the outstanding body underneath.

With her small breasts and waist and bubbly butt, Mia Z enjoys showing off her nudes. She’s fetish and kink friendly, and likes to get custom requests too, Subscribers who renew get extra bonuses and rewards, so you won’t want to miss out.

Mia Z’s Highlights

  • University student who is a towering 4’11”
  • Fiji native who loves her country
  • Regular sexting and uploads
  • Fetish friendly, so feel free to ask for what you want
  • Top 2% of Indians on OnlyFans creators

What Mia Z’s Fans Say

  • “She is an actual, literal goddess.”
  • “Her chest is exactly the right size 👐.”
  • “I love asking for slightly kinky customs because she always delivers!”
  • “I wish 🥺 I could be there in New Zealand with her and see her every day.”
  • “Could you clone her? I need more of this in my life.”

Fulfill your fetish fantasies with this petite Fijian goddess.

#9. Tanvi — Top thick Indian OnlyFans

Tanvi’s Indian OnlyFans Models Account Features:

  • 60 photos and 70 videos
  • 23500 subscribers
  • Currently on sale $6 for 30 days, normally $10/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Tanvi:

Who can resist a cutie who’s also kinda chubby? She looks like the desi girl next door, but she’s a lot more fun than your neighbor is. She’s an Indian girl OnlyFans who just wants to make her strict parents mad, so won’t you help a thick girl out and subscribe?

Tanvi’s curves are all natural, with an excellent pair of full ta-tas and big booty to boot. She is (justifiably) proud of being thick and freaky, especially since her content brings so much joy to her thousands of subscribers. It’s fun for her when her fans really get to know her.

She also wants to get to know you, especially certain parts of you as she’s fond of giving out fun ratings. You won’t see anyone else in her materials, because she likes to make solo material only. She’s a doll who enjoys her creativity.

Tanvi’s Highlights

  • Only solo content, no other distractions (except some toys)
  • Her curves are 100% natural, no fillers
  • Lives and models in New York
  • Happy to give you a fun rating

What Tanvi’s Fans Say

  • “I’d love to be smothered by this amazing woman’s body!”
  • “She’s always happy to help out”
  • “She knows how to have a good time.”
  • “One of the best OnlyFans creators I’ve ever subscribed to.”
  • “More 😈 Indian content from Tanvi please!”

Tap Indian Tanvi and amazing and creative content.

#10. Priya Babestation — Best Indian Only Fans girlfriend experience

Priya Babestation’s Indian OnlyFans Girls Account Features:

  • Over 940 videos and 15000 photos
  • 900 subscribers
  • Currently on sale $3 for 30 days, normally $6/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Priya Babestation:

She’s one-half of the P&P Naughty Tantric Indian Twins, and she is 100% unapologetic when it comes to making Only Fans Indian content. OF is the only place to go to get her explicit content. She may have other social media sites where she’s active, but you get the full experience by subscribing to her OF page.

Of course, you can always peep the incredible amount of content that’s available to you by subscribing. It’s all uncensored and of course, steaming hot. Priya Babestation has legs for days and breasts that will stop you in your tracks. But more importantly, she believes in interacting with her fans.

She loves to sext and do video and phone calls. One of the best girlfriend experiences is yours when you subscribe. Don’t be afraid to ask for customs, because she’s the one who responds to all her messages. She also does livestreams and competitions as well as giveaways.

Priya Babestation’s Highlights

  • Loves getting to know her fans through messaging and personally responds
  • Welcomes all fetishes
  • Updates her page regularly with new content
  • Likes to play, including doing giveaways and hosting competitions
  • Up close and personal girlfriend experience

What Priya Babestation’s Fans Say

  • “I really felt like I had a girlfriend experience – she gives great GFE.”
  • “I asked her for some pretty cool fetish stuff 🍆, and she came back with some videos that were even hotter than I thought they’d be.”
  • “I love all the content she already has, though I do have favorites I like to rewatch again and again.”
  • “Incredible sexy body and I can’t get over the amazing things she posts 💯.”
  • “Although I’m on X a lot, I keep coming back to her OF because that’s where all the good stuff is.”

Get your GFE with the best Indian OnlyFans gorgeous girl.

Frequently Asked Questions About OnlyFans Indian Accounts

How can I build my Indian girl OnlyFans account?

One of the best ways to bring your page in front of more people is to make sure you’ve got other social media accounts that lead viewers back to your OnlyFans page. Make it as easy as possible for anyone who sees your other profiles to click just once and land on your Indian girls OnlyFans.

Many content creators like to use X (formerly known as Twitter) because you can post explicit content without breaking the platform’s rules. Be careful though because you don’t want to give everything away on X! Consider posting only teasers on there and saving full length content for OF.

Although models also like to post on Instagram and TikTok, they’re much less forgiving of XXX material and may suspend you if you post something too racy for them. (If you do get suspended, don’t forget to update your links when you create a new profile!) They might be good for lingerie shots or teasing more explicit content, which you’ll have helpfully posted on your OF page.

What’s the difference between the best Only Fans Indian models in 2023 and 2022?

In all honesty, the Indian OnlyFans girls pages are some of the hottest OF real estate out there! That was true last year as well as 2023. Some of the top models are the same as they were last year, and now they have more material for their fans to love.

But when we look at overall trends, one has become even stronger over the past year. Not all of the top Indian creators show their faces or post a lot of content. Yet nearly all of them enjoy interacting with their subscribers, getting to know them in the DMs or through fun ratings, and being open to custom requests. A few are even fetish-friendly as well.

How do the best Indian OnlyFans creators make money?

There are a variety of ways for these content creators to make money. When you become a model, one of your first decisions is whether to set a fee for a monthly subscription, or to allow subscribers to access it for free. Most of our top ten charge, and also provide discounts for multiple months.

But the subscription fee isn’t the only way to earn income from an Indian Only Fans page. Fans can also tip, and buy sex tapes as well as used items like hosiery and lingerie. Some models who enjoy going live charge a pay-per-view fee for the livestream, and others charge to message their fans. It doesn’t matter whether or not you charge a fee for it, you can still ask for tips for certain types of material or charge additional fees.

What mistakes should I avoid with my Only Fans Indian page?

Subscribers like to see consistency, so it’s better to post updates throughout the week than to dump a whole bunch of posts one day a month. Content creators who interact more with their fans – through 1:1 sexting, video or phone calls, asking for custom requests, etc. – tend to make more money from their accounts compared to those who only upload material.

Interacting with your Indian girl OnlyFans fans also means listening to them. As you know, there are trends in explicit material just as there are fashion and beauty trends. If your fans are requesting a certain type of content that you’re comfortable providing for them, then go ahead and start making more. If it’s something you don’t like making, you can always state it in your bio.

Top Indian Girls OnlyFans- Best Only Fans Indian Accounts To Follow On OnlyFans

Indian Girls OnlyFans - Indians on OnlyFans In Conclusion

While all of our top ten have Indian heritage, they come from different areas of the globe. We have models from New Zealand, the UK, the US, and elsewhere. They come in all different shapes, from tiny all over to curvy all over to having an hourglass shape with big boobs and a big butt and a small waist in between.

Wherever they’re from and whatever they look like, these are the best Indian OnlyFans accounts because each creator has that certain something. A little spark to her that you might not find in every model, and joy and pride in what she’s putting out there.

While these incredible creators are some of the top models for 2023, we don’t rest on our laurels. We do extensive research in order to bring you these bodacious babes, but it doesn’t end just because we’ve developed the 2023 list. We continue to dive deeply into the Indian OnlyFans ocean to make sure we stay on top of the best creators.


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