25 Best Sugar Daddy Sites Where ‘Sugar Babies’ Can Meet Rich Men Online: A Guide to Sugar Dating Apps

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click to enlarge Sugar babies need to find the right place to nab themselves a rich hunk and SeekingArragement could be one of those sites. - PHOTO: NIGHT GAZETTE
Photo: Night Gazette
Sugar babies need to find the right place to nab themselves a rich hunk and SeekingArragement could be one of those sites.

Sugar babies need to find the right place to nab themselves a rich hunk. However, locating the perfect online sugar dating site is no easy task when considering the hundreds—if not thousands— of available sugar dating sites available right now.

This list was created to make your search easier. Get ready to live a life of romance and luxury by finding some of the hottest and most eligible bachelors to be your sugar daddy.

The Best Sugar Daddy Sites List: Check Em’ Out!

  1. Seeking - Largest sugar dating site in the business today
  2. SugarDaddyMeet - Top sugar baby site for high rollers
  3. SugarDaddie - Runner up for best sugar dating site
  4. Miss Travel- Perfect for sugar babies who love to travel
  5. What’s Your Price - Great for sugar babies who want short arrangements
  6. Ashley Madison - Perfect sugar daddy site for married sugar babies
  7. EstablishedMen - Best customer support for sugar babies
  8. RichMeetBeautiful - Great mobile sugar dating app
  9. Adult Friend Finder - Large site to find the right sugar daddy
  10. EliteSingles - Best site for traditional sugar daddies

1. Seeking - Best Sugar Dating Site Overall


  • Plenty of great sugar daddies
  • Balanced baby-to-daddy ratio
  • Can be accessed via mobile app
  • Sugar babies sign up for free


  • Random selection of sugar daddies
  • Sugar daddies need paid membership

Seeking, also known as Seeking Arrangement, is perhaps the most popular sugar dating site today that’s been well-received both by sugar daddies and sugar babies alike.

For one, this great site has plenty of available babies to send your gifts to and date if you’re a sugar daddy. Conversely, sugar babies like yourself are going to love how friendly it is toward its female members.

That’s because, first and foremost, Seeking.com grants potential sugar babies the opportunity to avail of free membership on the site. So, if you want to work those young lumps of yours, you wouldn’t have to spend absurd amounts of money just to start your sugar baby biz.

And even though the daddies need to pay for their own respective Seeking accounts, you won’t get disappointed because men are more than willing to shed some dough on this site to find the perfect sugar date they can have.

The website currently has around 10 million subscribers with an amazing female to male ratio, making it more likely for you to match with the right sugar daddy. You’re going to find a lot of men here, too, ranging from traditional sweet dads 50 years of age and above right up to the upstart sugar pops who want to have a good time.

Additionally, Seeking is both available as an adult hookup site as well as an app available for both Apple and Android users, so you can always flaunt that hot little body of yours whenever, wherever.

2. SugarDaddyMeet - A Top Sugar Baby Site for High Rollers


  • Lots of rich men to choose from
  • Zero trolls or catfishing accounts
  • Efficient site customer service


  • Limited to 20 of the richest countries
  • No free memberships available
  • Significantly small user base

Sugar Daddy Meet has been around since 2007, and it’s become one of the definitive sugar dating sites for both sugar daddies and babies who want to engage in some mutually beneficial relationships.

On one hand, Sugar Daddy Meet is available worldwide, so you’re not going to be limited by geographical limitations if you want to get yourself a rich hunk that’s going to buy you expensive things in exchange for your companionship.

On the other hand, this site only accepts members from the 20 richest countries—not to mention cities— in the world, so it’s highly limiting. Given the restrictions, you’re also going to find that Sugar Daddy Meet has a significantly smaller user base compared to other sugar dating sites around.

It works to your advantage, though, since this is a classic case of having more quality than quantity in its members.

Additionally, Sugar Daddy Meet’s team of expert customer reps are able to provide knowledgeable and prompt responses to whatever queries you have, which is especially useful if you’re just a budding sugar baby.

This is one site that lets you advertise your goods as much as you can, as they feature useful features like private messaging; unlimited photo uploads; and public spaces where daddies and babies can interact.

On the downside, both sugar babies and daddies are required to pay for a membership fee here if they want to join the site’s exclusive community.

3. SugarDaddie - Runner Up For Best Sugar Daddy Website


  • There are no annoying ads
  • Zero fake accounts found here
  • Top-notch sugar dating site


  • Only photos are shareable here
  • Tiny overall user base
  • Signing up requires fee

SugarDaddie is perhaps one of the most—if not the most— exclusive sugar dating site around today. As such, you’re going to find that it’s exclusively populated by some of the biggest spenders (and biggest earners) from their sugar daddy roster.

As a sugar baby, expect nothing but the most premium experience here, as SugarDaddie prides itself as the top shelf sugar dating site around where only the kinkiest and richest of sugar pops and sugar kids are allowed to play.

Given how exclusive it is, this is also a site that could very well have the smallest userbase available. And that’s by design: after all, you wouldn’t need to work your sexy little ass off pleasing ten sugar daddies when all you need is one whale that can provide you with all the gifts and allowances you need.

It’s no surprise that SugarDaddie doesn’t have any annoying ads—especially pop-ups— considering that they’re a “luxury brand”, but it is highly disappointing that the only allowed media you can upload and share here are photos, which kind of a step back in terms of being a premium site.

4. Miss Travel - Perfect for World-Traveling Sugar Babies


  • A sugar vacation haven
  • Choose the trips you like
  • All secure channels and transactions


  • Relatively slow customer support
  • Sugar babies can’t customize trips
  • No other available “gifts”

As you could tell from its name, Miss Travel is a site that caters explicitly to both sugar daddies and sugar babies who prefer to go on luxurious vacations rather than just stick to the usual shoes and jewelry fare.

For sugar babies, Miss Travel almost works like a travel agent with the additional bonus of getting to date rich men who’ll do more than just take you out on a fun and sexy trip to the Caribbean, Malta, or anywhere you’d like to go.

Here, sugar daddies get to customize the vacations—from the destinations right down to the activities— that will serve as the primary currency within the site for them to grab themselves a lovely young hottie to spend some time with.

As a sugar baby, all you need to do is choose which trip you like, and Miss Travel will handle the rest. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other available gifting options here, so any further requests will have to be under you and your sweet poppa’s discretion.

And if you’re a little wary, considering you’re going to a strange place with a stranger you just met online, fret not: Miss Travel has a comprehensive verification process that makes sure all parties engaging in sugar vacations using their platform are legit.

5. What’s Your Price - Great for Sugar Babies who Want to Make More Money


  • Unique sugar bidding feature
  • Many willing sugar daddies
  • Customer service is highly skilled
  • Set your own starting bid


  • Occasional reneging winning bidder
  • Relatively small overall user base

What better way to prove how much that tight booty of yours is worth than by putting it on the auction block? That’s what sets What’s Your Price apart from its competitors: it does away with the tiresome gifting process and instead turns you into a precious commodity that sugar daddies will have to fight over if they want a piece.

You’re going to love working on What’s Your Price as a sugar baby since they let you set your starting bid, which you may set from $10 onwards. As a result, the overall amount of cash you net from any given casual encounter with a sugar daddy becomes higher as opposed to simply receiving allowances from time to time.

Additionally, What’s Your Price has a very efficient search tool, too, which allows you to find the right sugar dads to invite to your online auctions.

6. Ashley Madison - Perfect Sugar Daddy Site for Married Sugar Babies


  • Secure and discreet sugar dating
  • Account settings highly customizable
  • Various modes of payment


  • Almost exclusively DILF sugar daddies
  • App sometimes has its glitches
  • Not really meant for sugar dating

Ashley Madison wasn’t necessarily made to be a sugar dating site, but sugar babies and daddies alike will find that this is one online hookup site with a lot to offer in that particular type of relationship.

This is one site that’s perfect if you’re a young married woman who doesn’t just want a hot piece of ass on the side, but one with deep pockets, too. In other words, you’re getting all the benefits from any good ol’ sugar relationship, but with the added spice of extramarital affairs thrown into the pot.

Another feature that you’re going to highly appreciate if you’re working as a sugar baby on Ashley Madison is the fact that there are numerous payment channels available here, such as Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal, which means you can receive your gifts and allowances more conveniently.

Their account security features are no joke, either: sugar babies and daddies are given the ability to precisely filter who can see their profiles, allowing for pinpoint searches for the perfect match.

Lastly, Ashley Madison is both available on desktop and mobile, so you can hunt for your rich hunk anytime and anywhere!

7. EstablishedMen - Best Customer Support for Sugar Babies


  • Signup process is quick and easy
  • Best customer service available
  • Highly convenient gifting process
  • Search filters are precise and efficient


  • Premium membership required for extra features
  • Relatively poor daddy to baby ratio

If you’re the kind of sugar baby who always wants to work and make that sweet green, then Established Men might just be the best pick for your sugar dating biz.

First of all, rarely does a site have a customer service team that’s as efficient as the one you’re going to find on this site. They don’t rely on simple automatic chats and responses, and instead provide you sugar babies and daddies alike with actual reps to help you with whatever you need.

You’re also going to find that receiving all those nice gifts are a breeze on Established Men, as they provide lots of gift options here, such as jewelry, shoes, and even luxury trips.

Furthermore, this site has one of the most active sugar baby communities around, not to mention how supportive they are. As a sweet babe, you’re given the ability to message other sugar babies on the site for free, which allows you to build a community of your own.

8. RichMeetBeautiful - A Great Mobile Sugar Dating App


  • Available on iOS and Google Play Store
  • Nice security features included
  • No catfishing or troll accounts


  • Slow verification process
  • Overall user base is relatively small
  • User interface not entirely user-friendly

Rich Meet Beautiful is a nice all-around sugar dating app for both sugar babies and daddies who are looking to have a good time with each other. Especially if you highly value your personal data, this app has some of the finest security features that keeps all your information safe.

And the fact that you’re only going to find legitimate sugar daddy accounts here, since they vet each and every member on the site, just makes being a sugar baby on Rich Meet Beautiful an all the more attractive prospect.

Although admittedly, you’re going to find that their verification process is a bit slow and tedious, since this is done manually by the Rich Meet Beautiful team.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple or Android device, because Rich Meet Beautiful is available on both their app stores. And even though the user interface of this app requires some getting used to, it’s nothing so major that it will deter you from using this site to find yourself a hot rich man to whisk you away.

9. Adult Friend Finder - A Large Site to Find the Right Sugar Baby


  • Gigantic active hookup community
  • Helpful sugar dating articles
  • Wide variety of potential dads


  • There are fake accounts abound
  • Requires paid membership for additional features
  • Random types of sugar daddies

Adult Friend Finder has established itself over the years as one of the largest and most effective way to connect and hook up with strangers online. However, the fact that it’s also a nice place to get into the sugar dating biz is highly underrated in the online hookup community in general.

AFF currently has around 30 million active subscribers with a variety of kinks and fetishes. Of course, sugar daddies and sugar babies aren’t left out in this humongous online crowd. In fact, AFF users have carved themselves a piece of the site’s space where sugar babies and daddies can meet and connect via their online forums.

Furthermore, this site helps out budding sugar babes by also providing a wide range of supplementary material, from sugar dating guides to helpful articles designed to up your sugar baby game.

10. EliteSingles - Best for Educated Singles


  • Lots of “classic” sugar daddies
  • Very convenient user interface
  • Great overall user base
  • Wildcard feature ensures hookups


  • Customer service not the best
  • Questionnaire gets a bit invasive

Whether you have a thing for older gentlemen or just want to make sure that you don’t leave your sugar dating site empty handed, Elite Singles can help.

For one, the place is a hotspot for classic or traditional sugar daddies— older gentlemen aged 50 and above who are looking for younger companions to date— but in no way is exclusive to that demographic.

Secondly, Elite Singles is a perfect hub for sugar babies that are just starting out and have yet to establish their hot little asses in the community. This primarily thanks to the site’s Wildcard feature that lets you automatically randomly pair up with a sugar daddy during spells of slow business.

Then, of course, there’s the regular matching system on this site, which doesn’t just rely on random suggestions from GPS-based tech; they instead ask you to answer a rather personal questionnaire to determine the perfect sugar daddy for you.

You’re also going to appreciate how Elite Singles has one very user-friendly interface that even the most technologically inept member can get the hang of in just a few minutes.

Runner ups that didn’t make the top 10:

  • Reddit Sugar Lifestyle Forum
  • SugarDaddyForMe.com
  • Findrichguys.com
  • Letstalksugar.com
  • Agematch
  • Secretbenefits
  • Fetlife
  • Craigslist missed connections – post ads for sugar daddies
  • Doublelist – local classifieds
  • Locanto
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Pure App
  • Sudy App

FAQs for Sugar Daddy Sites

Is it safe to use Sugar Dating Sites?

Going on dates with a sugar daddy you just met online carries with the same risks as going out with any other kind of stranger. However, these risks are minimized when both you and your sugar daddy meet through legitimate sugar dating sites. Sites like Seeking offer Sugar Daddy Verification systems and background check services to make sure who you are talking to

Regardless, your safety is your responsibility, which you should observe whenever you go out on sugar dates.


The sites that we’ve provided for you here will definitely help potential sugar babies find an online space to woo a rich man that will help you live a more comfortable lifestyle.

With the help of your good looks and some hot tricks, you can expect sugar daddies to line up for a date with you!

So, feel free to check out the best sugar dating sites where you can start working as a sugar baby today!


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