7 Best Latin Dating Sites: Trusted List for Singles

We won't waste your time! So here, especially for you, we prepared really worthy places, where we found our crushes. What's more, one of our editors found their soulmate right on one of these Latin dating sites! So, we will share our experiences, and we assure you that we are honest!

Top 7 Latin America Dating Websites you Should Try

As we promised not to waste your time, here's a short overview of all of the worthy Latin singles dating sites!

Today, we have the next options for you with the best services for cheap. It is quite important to note that all those Latin dating sites give you a unique chance to find your crush and forget about searching for your soulmate for the rest of your life.

So here is the list of Latin dating sites:

  1. La-Date — best for flings and serious relationships
  2. LoveFort — simply the top Latin dating site
  3. ColombiaLady — Great cheap service without any hidden tricks.
  4. LatinFeels — fast search, great nights, no repercussions.
  5. LatinWomanLove — perfectly optimized services for all devices.
  6. LatinBeautyDate — if you are tired of Latin dating apps and women from other Latin dating sites.
  7. LatamDate — great if you're searching for a Latin woman who knows English well

But let's be honest. You can’t spend all your free time on all of these sites. So which of them are the worthiest ever? It’s not a simple question. Honestly, it depends not on the service but the available singles to chat with.

So, we’ll strive to be objective. Even better, we’ll describe all the services of these areas so you could choose your favorite best dating site in Latin America!

La-Date — best for finding many Hispanic Singles

  • 📍 Founded — 2013

  • 👤 Community size — 400.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 72% women/28% men

  • 💡 Features — Search filters, free access to bios, support 24/7

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

Among the free Latin dating sites, La-Date is the one worth noting. Simply, it’s a dating site for getting the best of what Latin American countries have to offer. So, you couldn’t find a better place than La Date. First, you should remember that La-Date has more than 400k users every month.

Many spend their time at this free Latin dating site for finding sexual adventures. Thus, to find your love here, you go through tons of women. But of course, you can still find your love right here.

Especially for you, developers of these Latin dating services do everything that is possible and impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you a chance to find a unique fiancée with a great body, bright eyes, and deep soul!

So here's our verdict on whether this is the best Latin dating site — if you have endurance and time, you can find a great woman here for the rest of your life and you’ll never be alone again.


  • The biggest database from all Hispanic sites for meeting singles!
  • The most convenient interface from all platforms.
  • Many loyalties and bonuses for regular members!


  • Not found


  • 📍 Founded — 2018

  • 👤 Community size — 85.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 65% women/35% men

  • 💡 Features — Email registration, easy way to become a premium member, cheap chatting, most users are Latin singles

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — Yes

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

LoveFort is a smaller dating site than La Date, which we covered above. But does the size matter? Of course, the answer will depend on many factors. But to be honest, this platform is considered one of the best Hispanic dating websites not for nothing!

To remain a worthy choice, LoveFort offers unique filters to help you find a woman by her perfectly written bio. So this is your perfect chance to meet Spanish singles.

Also, we are all living in the 21st century. You can try to find and meet Hispanic guys for a date with a continuation. But there are not as many such profiles as you may hope.

And more, if you're looking for senior Latino dating, please note that this section is separate. As such, when you create your profile, choose your preferences wisely. The site automatically hides all inappropriate search results.


  • Great local platform with desirable Latin women.
  • Fair offers by the online Latino dating platform
  • Perfectly optimized for mobile devices!


  • Very young free Latin dating platform.


  • 📍 Founded — 2017

  • 👤 Community size — 49.500 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 72% women/28% men

  • 💡 Features — Advanced searching panel, many attention from women to new members

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

ColombianLady — that’s a sweet sound for our ears, and a sweet word for guys who are looking for an opportunity to meet Hispanic singles. It's a great local site, which is overloaded with different Latino people. All of them are tired of searching for men to date.

Most of them are oriented towards serious relationships and fantasizing about great marriages. But whoever searches can always find more romantic partners on all international online dating sites, full of opportunities with all those video or audio communication options.

Also if you are not satisfied with this dating site and the described best Latino dating sites here, you can check your luck on Colombian dating sites.

The perfect news for you is the advanced searching panel with tons of tags, which will help you find and meet Latin women as soon as possible! And of course, all those women are hungry for communication. Nobody knows for sure whether you will find your crush here, but we can assure you that you’ll have a lot of fun here!


  • Aimed at dudes, who are looking exactly for Colombian ladies.
  • A minimalistic interface that doesn't overload your internet provider.
  • Many Latino singles look for a fast flirt here!


  • Casual users need to watch ads from time to time.


  • 📍 Founded — 2019

  • 👤 Community size — 350.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 67% women/33% men

  • 💡 Features — Live chat, long emails, likes and winks

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

If you are searching for South American dating sites, you are welcome to LatinFeels. It’s the most pleasurable place for all who want to get cheap chats with gorgeous Hispanic people. You can easily chat or send a long email to your potential fiancée.

Also, this site provides you an instant translation feature to really save your time on small talks with Hispanic women. So use all this information cleverly to meet Hispanic women. Good luck with searching!


  • One of the biggest databases, full of Latino singles.
  • Many ladies are ready for Latino dating from different Hispanic lands.
  • You have a possibility of finding a guy, if you're into that.


  • The interface may appear a bit overloaded with different options.
  • You can get lost in all these beautiful women.


  • 📍 Founded — 2020

  • 👤 Community size — 40.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 85% women/15% men

  • 💡 Features — Chat rooms, perfect bios, support via online chat

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

If you are searching for Spanish dating sites for free, you can visit LatinWomanLove — it’s a great place for all.

We can list the pros of this Latino dating to the infinity. But there’s one great proof that will fully assure you about the worth of this place! Several dudes at our editor’s office could find a Latin partner on these Hispanic dating sites, more specifically, LatinWomanLove. So is this not enough to force you to at least visit this beautiful place?


  • Cheaper than other alternatives
  • Perfect detailed profiles of all potential soulmates.
  • Many online chat options.


  • No mobile application exists.


  • 📍 Founded — 2017

  • 👤 Community size — 38.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 70.5% women/29.5% men

  • 💡 Features — Free registration, convenient chat interface, advanced security settings

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

LatinBeautyDate will be the last site on our list. It’s still one of the best Latin dating sites, but if you compare its size with others, you won't be that impressed. But on the other hand, it is much cheaper and provides many levels of security. At least, all your payments here are secured with:

  1. SSL-certificate to protect you from thieves.
  2. Middleman payment methods to hide you from tax officers.
  3. Hiding billings option to hide you from your relatives.

So you can spend your free time on an online dating site without any worries. Also, the little size of the site leads to big opportunities with Latin singles.

There’s only one sad thing about this site: here, you won't find options for dating Latin men if you're a man yourself. So, keep this in your mind and everything will be fine!


  • Perfect security system
  • Many dating profiles for a serious relationship.
  • Great optimization.
  • Friendly support, which helps you integrate into the Latino community.


  • This online dating website has a very small selection of potential brides.


  • 📍 Founded — 2013

  • 👤 Community size — 258.000 Visitors per month

  • ♀ / ♂ Demographics — 55% women/45% men

  • 💡 Features — Verified profiles, scam protection, great support

  • 📱 Dedicated mobile app — No

  • ✍🏻 Review — Read

Ok, as we carry on with our tale about Latin dating sites for foreigners, we are ready to move to the biggest place, full of Latin Singles: LatamDate.

It’s the case when size equals quality. And it’s easy to find some Latino women looking for men! Great support team, big database, ideal interface, and easy to start! No cons, objectively speaking.

Oh, no, we almost forgot about one disadvantage. You can easily get lost here in all these Latin American dating sites and spend all your weekend searching! But in any case, all Latino singles from Latin countries here are gorgeous, and they want you more than you want them!


  • Old and trustworthy platform.
  • All profiles are verified.
  • All women are older than 18.


  • There is no mobile application at official app stores.

General tips to online dating sites in Latin America

Ok, if you still have some doubts about the idea of using a Hispanic dating app to search for your soulmate, we’ll present one fact to you. 

More than 60% of marriages with Latina women became a reality due to the internet. We’re all living in the 21st century. The age of internationality. The age of possibilities. The age of internet connection to help you find your love at the best international dating sites.

So this is the greatest way to find a partner for the rest of your life! But to do this effectively, keep the next tricks in your mind!


Don’t answer the first message you receive after registering on an online dating site! In almost all cases, these are sent by bored women who want to get your attention with ordinary communication tools. Of course, you can get a lot of fun from such communication, but better concentrate on more serious women!


Don’t forget to create your own bio and fill out all the required fields. It really helps you to find the answer to the ultimate question of the universe — how to meet Latin women!


The last essential part of online dating with Latin women is always the same. Be patient, charismatic, don’t be silly and always try to use your mind. See, you’re chatting with a real woman with real emotions, feelings, and soul.

Maximize your chances of success while dating online

We know that you are still wondering whether to give the top Latin dating sites a try. We may interest you in ways to save your time on the path to a happy marriage! 

So, we have some tips for you:

  1. Use the gold membership and all the features to find active users faster.
  2. If you are not sure, always use a translator.
  3. Don’t be quick to judge: the first impression may turn out to be wrong.
  4. Don’t waste your time on inactive profiles.
  5. Be calm. Always be calm!
  6. Don't forget that you can send video clips.

That’s all you have to know about Latino dating site options for today! Oh and if you are searching for more local women, you can find them at Mexican dating sites.

Final thoughts about Latin dating

Ok, what's left? First, you shouldn’t forget that online dating is just a first step towards your marriage.

Second, you should keep in mind that you still need a key to the Latin lady's heart. It could be pop culture, traditions, your charisma, or something else.

Thirdly, you should be prepared that not all women are fully honest with you. Some of them are looking for attraction. Some Latina singles are looking for a simple fling. And some are hunting for presents using the special flirt feature.

So instead of a conclusion, we’ll ask you something. If you still don’t know where to meet Latin women without flying to her country, please read our text again. We’re sure that if you're still looking for info about sites for Latino and Colombian women dating, you'll find the answers here ASAP.

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