Best Millionaire Dating Sites: Best Rich Men Dating Sites 2022

Mar 22, 2022 at 10:17 am

Are you a well-to-do man looking for a random fling or a serious relationship? Or are you a stunning single lady looking for wealthy people to date on online millionaire dating platforms? If you are either one of these people, you are fortunate enough to come across this post.

Below is a rundown of the leading millionaire online dating sites worth investing in.


RichMeetBeautiful is a top-rated millionaire dating website for several good reasons. With almost half a million users worldwide, the site claims at least four beautiful single ladies for one man. This essentially means that most of the site's population are stunning single ladies looking for well off men.

Furthermore, over 150,000 RichMeetBeautiful users are from the United States. So if you prefer to match with women within the US, this millionaire match online dating site is the way to go.

The typical age group for women in this dating site is 25-43, while men are within the 35-54 age group.

RichMeetBeautiful is a professional dating website designed to help wealthy men find love online.

Here you can find gorgeous women looking for a casual relationship while some women are also looking forward to committing to a more serious relationship.


Easy Registration Process

One of the main selling points of RichMeetBeautiful is its hassle-free and beginner-friendly registration steps. Anyone can create their profile in just several minutes, and no admin approval is needed.

This online dating website also allows you to sign up using your Facebook account, thus making the account registration a lot faster while keeping your information safe and protected. Furthermore, your membership on RichMeetBeautiful and your activities won't be visible on your Facebook profile.

Convenient Searching Tools

With the help of RichMeetBeautiful's brilliant selection and filter tools, users can easily find their perfect match without the hassle of going through thousands of user profiles. This dating site's convenient searching tool is one of the top features that make it one of the best millionaire dating sites across the world.

This simple yet effective tool allows single ladies and wealthy men to quickly meet someone with a specific background, appearance, age group, goals, behavior, and other attributes. Moreover, a vast array of filters on this site allows you to narrow down your dating pool efficiently.

Advanced Features on Premium Membership

RichMeetBeautiful's premium account is also jam-packed with advanced features like other top-tier millionaire dating sites. If you are a sponsor on this site, you can send gifts sitewide to your dates. You can also winks and brief messages for free to let attractive users know you are interested in them.

A Free Account is Available

If you don't want to pay for a premium membership right away, you are in luck as RichMeetBeautiful also offers free membership for everyone.

While the site's free user account isn't as feature-rich as their premium, you also get a decent number of features to help you get started with your millionaire dating journey.


Expensive Premium Fees

Given that RichMeetBeautiful is one of the top millionaire dating sites today, there is no denying that the cost to enjoy their premium features is not cheap. After all, this dating site is made for millionaire singles looking for a long-term relationship or just a casual one.

The League

If you have a hard time finding love, then you might want to check The League. This matchmaking service is well-renowned for its advanced features, top-notch security, and stellar customer support. 

Moreover, The League is a millionaire match dating app designed to help elite singles find love right through their device.


Easy Sign-Up Process

Upon registration, The League only requires you to fill out a few basic information such as your name, birth date, location, and email address. You will also be asked to link at least one of your social media accounts. Lastly, the dating app will also require you to fill out a set of your dating preferences for easy matchmaking.

Excellent Premium and VIP Features

The League offers an array of epic features for both premium and VIP members, such as the following:

  • Power Move: Wealthy singles have a way of getting their profiles on top of the dating pool with The League's "Power Move" feature.
  • Pre-Match Messaging: VIP members, also known as "Investors," can send messages to their prospects before matching with them. This feature allows you to gain the best ones out of all the attractive women you see, so you don't waste your time and features on all of them.
  • Concierge Support: This VIP feature is essentially live customer support. Unlike other dating sites, The League is one of the few dating sites and apps that offer on-demand support.

Top-Quality Singles

Through thorough verification and an exhaustive waiting list, The League guarantees that you only get the best quality singles.


Wait List Required for Free Members

You can sign up for free as a guest member of The League and get the chance to meet rich men or gorgeous single women. However, you will have to get on an exhausting waiting list before activating your account.

Expensive Membership Fees

Getting the chance to enjoy the awesome perks this millionaire dating site comes with a high price. Lowest-tier paid membership costs $67/month, while the highest-tier membership costs as much as a thousand dollars per month. This dating app is for certified millionaire singles indeed.


As the name suggests, MillionaireMatch is a matchmaking service designed to help affluent men find love and attractive female users find a wealthy man to date. This site is ranked as one of the best dating websites online for many solid reasons.

MillionaireMatch boasts of having top-tier rich and attractive singles such as CEOs, Hollywood celebrities, lawyers, doctors, and first-class models as some of their exclusive clients. Thus, if you are on the lookout for attractive, rich, and successful people, this millionaire dating site is the one for you.


Over 4 Million Users Worldwide

With MillionaireMatch's 4+ million users worldwide, you are surely never going to run out of possible top-quality matches. In addition to that, more than 2.6 million users of this exclusive dating app are from the USA, which is why MillionaireMatch is many Americans' choice for the best millionaire dating site to date.

Free Account Trial is Offered

If you are in doubt but still want to try using this site to meet successful singles, you are in luck as MillionaireMatch comes with a free trial membership. Within just 10 minutes, you can quickly sign up and have your profile activated instantly.

Certified Millionaires

MillionaireMatch is proud to feature their "Certified Millionaires" group, mainly consisting of wealthy men. Attractive and intelligent women can enjoy a millionaire dating experience without meeting fake rich men.

Extensive Authenticity Check

With MillionaireMatch, you don't have to worry about matching fake profiles as the site implements a strict authenticity check. Here you can guarantee that you genuinely date millionaires into casual or long-term relationships. Additionally, verified millionaire members come with a certified millionaire badge.


No Match Suggestions

Unlike other millionaire dating websites, MillionaireMatch lacks a match suggestions feature. This makes matchmaking a lot more time-consuming and challenging for users.

Challenging Self-Promotion

This millionaire dating website does not offer tools or features that help users get their profiles on top of the match result pool. Given the overwhelming number of users worldwide on this online dating site, promoting yourself can be challenging.


AshleyMadison gained the title of being one of the millionaire match dating sites worldwide through its solid track record. This site is dedicated to rich men and attractive singles down for casual hookups or serious relationships. Thus, this dating app is perfect for single beauty queens and male elite singles to meet.

AshleyMadison is definitely among the best dating sites and apps for wealthy men looking for potential partners since the site claims to have more female members than men. In addition to that, most members of this site are down for a casual fling, a long-term relationship, or an extra-marital affair.

Here’s an in-depth Ashley Madison review


Effortless Sign-Up Process

Creating an account on AshleyMadison is straightforward; you only need to provide basic information such as age, height, weight, and marital status. You are also required to provide an email address for verification purposes.

Start for Free

AshleyMadison does not require users to make payments from the get-go. After creating an account, free members can use the website's basic features right away. In addition to that, women can also use the free messaging feature on the free user account. So if you are a woman and looking forward to a dating experience with a millionaire, this site is for you.

Credit System

Instead of a traditional monthly subscription, AshleyMadison offers a combination of a subscription and a credit system where male members are required to pay for credits to connect with prospects. 

Although it might sound expensive and complicated, the credit system allows members to save more money since they can get discounts if they buy more credits. Moreover, you will only pay for the services you use, thus making it more cost-efficient.


Complicated Costing Structure

Because AshleyMadison offers a combination of subscription and credit system instead of a monthly subscription, the pricing structure might look quite complicated for many.

Scammers are Present

Like most millionaire match dating websites, there are scammers at AshleyMadison. However, if you are meticulous enough to select your prospects, you can easily evade these pesky scammers.

Elite Singles

Those looking for educated professionals and attractive members will surely love Elite Singles. This elite dating app is built to help single people meet successful professionals as it claims to have a vast pool of educated and wealthy men and women.

Unlike other dating sites, Elite Singles has successful members with high educational and professional backgrounds. This site is not just for single ladies looking for a rich man online to hook up with.


High-Quality Singles

As most members of Elite Singles are well-educated professionals, this site is definitely among the top millionaire sites for dating the highest-quality singles. Its success is proven by the numerous success stories and raving reviews on online dating sites.

Over 2 Million Users

The site is proud to have more than 2 million active users worldwide. In addition to that, about 85% of the total number of members have some form of above-average to high-level education or certification. So if you are a professional single looking for successful individuals, you should check out Elite Singles.


User Interface is Due for an Upgrade

While Elite Singles’ user-friendly and intuitive user interface has not been updated for months and needs minor upgrades.

Free Accounts Are Highly Limited

Users can only use their free accounts for a limited period with minimal features. Other dating apps such as The League allow free members to use the basic version of their app for an unlimited period.


The millionaire dating apps mentioned above allow rich and established men to find love and help attractive single ladies get into the dating scene.

With the overwhelming number of millionaire websites dating across the internet, choosing the best sites to invest in can be pretty challenging. 

However, with thorough research and a meticulous background check, you will find the best matchmaking website in no time.

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