Best Phone Tracking Apps In 2022 - Top 5 Phone Tracker By Number

You may not want to infringe on your child's privacy, it may be wise to take action before it's too late. For example, installing a phone tracking app on their phone can go a long way towards solving complex problems.

Your child may start to display a radically negative change of attitude regarding school and daily activities. Your child may have chosen to build a wall around their true feelings, leaving you unable to tap into the root of the problem.

Such behavior can also stem from an unpleasant individual they met online or a friend who introduced them to a dangerous habit. Regular exposure to negative behavior and inappropriate content can adversely impact a child's psyche.

Using a phone tracking app will enable you to delve into your child's secret life. As a result, you may be able to act in time to prevent a dangerous predator, a cyberbully, or an online scammer. 

Phone tracking apps will let them know if they engage in any illegal activities and what kind of things they're researching online. Nevertheless, you shouldn't stop trying to communicate and rely solely on spying.

Besides parental control, phone tracking apps can be legally used by an employer who wants to curtail "extracurricular" activities on the job. More often than not, these best phone tracking apps prove to be effective and worthwhile investments.

Top 5 Best Phone Tracking Apps To Track Cell Phones Discreetly:

  1. uMobix - Overall Best Cell Phone Tracker App For Monitoring Social Media
  2. mSpy - Most Suited Mobile Tracker For Parental Control
  3. HoverWatch - Popular Phone Tracker Service For GPS Locating & Tracking
  4. FlexiSPY - Trusted Phone Tracker Without Permission For Android & iOS
  5. XnSpy - Affordable Phone Locator With Most Advanced Monitoring Tools

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. uMobix - Overall Best Cell Phone Tracker App For Monitoring Social Media

Although relatively new on the market, this phone tracking app has already become one of the leading choices for parents worldwide.

Parents constantly fussing over their children's online safety can finally breathe a sigh of relief. This is among the few spyware applications that work without the need to root or jailbreak an iOS or Android device. Thus, it functions completely unobstructed.

It can monitor over 30 social media platforms, more than most phone tracking apps can boast. UMobix successfully watches IM on social media activity, as well as SMS messages, photos, and phone calls. Every five minutes, new data is sent, and you can also see your real-time GPS location.

It remains utterly invisible to the phone's owner, and installation takes less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, the setup file will take up just 6.17 MB of your data.


Messages: The uMonix Messages feature provides monitoring of both outgoing and incoming SMS texts. An essential aspect of this feature is detecting and highlighting deleted texts, which enables you to see what your child has tried to conceal from your view. Furthermore, you can block all messages from a suspicious contact.

Monitoring Internet Activity: The uMobix Browser History feature will show you a list of recent searches. It can help you find out if your child is visiting an inappropriate website. In addition, the app will save the browsing history even after you delete it. This includes searches conducted in private or incognito mode.

Block Websites: This feature gives you complete control over the types of websites your child can access. You can block all potentially dangerous websites and promote your child's learning process. For example, it's possible to limit their access to social media and encourage them to visit websites that teach them something.

Spyware Scanner: This feature allows you to ensure that no one else is spying on your child's phone. There are endless ways through which your child can download a vicious virus or spyware. UMobix will enable you to remotely detect unwanted threats and permanently delete them from the target device. Once you do this, your child's data will remain secure.

App Activity: UMobix will present you with a detailed list of the installed apps. You can easily block or delete any that seem inappropriate for your child. You can also see which apps your child uses at the moment and which ones they've deleted.

Address Book: The uMobix Address Book lets you check whether names in the contact list match their appropriate phone numbers and emails. You can outsmart your kid if they try to fool you by saving a new number to an existing contact. You can also monitor deleted contacts.


  • It doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking
  • Convenient installation
  • Constantly monitors social media activities
  • Enables blocking of messages and websites
  • Removes other spyware
  • Provides a detailed view of the address book


  • No free trials are available

=> Click here to visit the official website of uMobix

#2. mSpy - Most Suited Mobile Tracker For Parental Control

This software has proven enormously successful for parents who want to monitor their children's online activity. Even though infringing upon their privacy may give you pause, it's always better to be safe than sorry. The information you can gather through mSpy includes your child's browsing history, call monitoring, and social media texts. All of this can be very helpful in protecting your loved ones from unanticipated risks.

In addition to its excellent performance, what makes mSpy one of the most successful phone tracking apps is its high level of reliability. Having introduced it to the market in 2010, the London-based developers of this app have since refined it with numerous additions. So today, they can boast of some serious numbers and accolades.

MSpy is supported in 180 countries, offers as many as 36 different features, and has over 1.4 million satisfied customers. In addition, it has been promoted by several respected publications with a long-standing history, including Forbes, Tech Times, and the Los Angeles Times. You can also trust this product because it has been given a Silver Award from Top Ten Reviews and the kidSAFEĀ® Seal.


Geofencing: This powerful and convenient feature enables you to mark a forbidden zone in your child's surroundings. You'll be notified when they enter or exit this specified zone, which is detected through GPS. You can also view their location in Google Maps.

Keyword Tracking: This is another critical feature that allows you to specify a keyword for mSpy to detect. The app will instantly notify you if your child types a word that you've deemed a cause for alarm.

Customer Support: The website has a Live Chat option that instantly connects you to an agent. They can help you with any question or problem you may have. 

Compatible with Unreleased Apps: mSpy is compatible with most current social media apps. However, it also features properties that enable compatibility with apps yet to be released.


  • High level of reliability
  • A 2-week money-back guarantee
  • Convenient geofencing
  • Detection of keywords
  • Uninstall alert
  • Good customer support


  • No trial version is available
  • Installation can be somewhat tricky

=> Click here to visit the official website of mSPY

#3. HoverWatch - Popular Phone Tracker Service For GPS Locating & Tracking

The HoverWatch company was founded almost 20 years ago, which is an excellent pointer regarding the legitimacy of their products. HoverWatch is dedicated to designing reputable products that monitor underage children and company employees. The aim is to protect intellectual property and classified data by eschewing violations of personal freedoms. Since 2016, their products have been used on over 12 million devices in 196 countries.

The Hoverwatch phone tracking app enables thorough tracking of the target device while remaining completely undetectable. There are many things that it keeps track of text messages, GPS locations, browsing history, calls, and social media activity.

The app is handy for guardians of young children, as they can easily fall into online traps, leading to dangerous consequences. Furthermore, the keylogging feature allows company leaders to observe the activities of their employees and prevent the leak of business secrets. It can also prevent abuse of company resources.

 According to your needs, you can choose from three different plans: personal, professional, and business. The prices are affordable, and a 3-day free trial period is included. In addition, you can test if the app will satisfy your needs by checking out the demo version. Finally, user reviews are particularly appreciative of the convenient customer service.


Call Recording: Once an incoming or outgoing call ends, you can instantly find it on your HoverWatch account. The control panel will also show the date, duration, time, and the device's location.

Screenshots: HoverWatch enables you to take screenshots of the target phone. The app will delete these from your online account after 30 days. Also, while the screen is unlocked, you can take a photo of the target phone's front camera. This can be a literal lifesaver if the phone owner has been kidnapped or if they've gotten into any kind of danger. 

New SIM card: You will receive a notification if the target device user changes the SIM card or the mobile operator. Your control panel will show the complete data on the card.


  • Highly reputable
  • A free trial is included
  • Suitable for employers
  • Tracking of browser activity
  • Enables taking screenshots on the target device
  • Tracking of Snapchat messages


  • iOS devices are not supported

=> Click here to visit the official website of HoverWatch

#4. FlexiSPY - Trusted Phone Tracker Without Permission For Android & iOS

FlexiSPY had existed since 2006 when it became the first commercial phone tracking app in the world. Based on this experience, the developers claim to provide a high-quality product constantly improved with clever innovations. Millions of users worldwide can confirm that these claims are by no means false.

Many things set FlexiSPY apart from other phone tracking apps. Without a doubt, one of them is the ability to remain undetectable even by the most powerful antivirus and task-killing programs and applications. In fact, the task manager option cannot show any sign of suspicious activity performed by this app.

FlexiSPY provides unique features regarding instant messages. Listening to IM calls is also available, along with other calls. Furthermore, the app features GPS location tracking and an ambient recording option. This is particularly useful if you want to eavesdrop on a conversation. You can even set the time of recording in advance. 

FlexiSPY is among the most advanced phone tracking apps. Moreover, the extreme plan includes numerous features with genuinely remarkable properties. Also, you can get a discount if you buy more than one license.


Blocking Apps and Contacts: FlexiSPY allows you to block persistent contacts on the target devices. Fortunately, the same extends to apps, programs, websites, and incoming calls or messages. Thus, your kids can remain out of reach from bullies and online scammers.

Keylogger: This feature lets you spy on any type of text typed by the target device user, including usernames and passwords. This could allow you to access their social media profiles and other websites which require a password. Although a feature of the Extreme plan, you can buy this popular option separately.

Remote Control Camera: FlexiSPY has the fantastic option of recording videos from the target phone camera. The user will remain oblivious to the fact. At the same time, you will be able to view the photos and videos you've captured from the app's dashboard.

Gallery Tracking: Not only can you view videos and photos on the target phone, but you can also delete them. This can be useful in the case of underage children downloading inappropriate content.


  • Great reliability
  • Completely undetectable
  • Remote blocking of contacts
  • Passwords can be accessed using a keylogger
  • Remote video recording
  • Access to gallery folders


  • It is more expensive than most of the other phone tracking apps

=> Click here to visit the official website of FlexiSPY

#5. XnSpy - Affordable Phone Locator With Most Advanced Monitoring Tools

Both parents and employers frequently choose this phone tracking app. It provides an easy solution if you want to monitor the activity of your underage kids. It has also been praised by employers who need to make sure that their workers aren't abusing company-owned devices.

XnSpy's extensive range of features adequately responds to any monitoring needs. This allows for seamless and stealthy tracking of calls and photos. It boasts more than 30 valuable features that will enable you to remain in the know regarding the actions of monitored individuals. For example, it lets you quickly check your kids' phone records and the social media activity of your employees without violating their privacy.

Several acclaimed review sites have proclaimed it the best phone tracking app, including Engadget, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber. You can check if it suits your needs by trying the demo version, which includes all features. You can do so on a Basic or Premium plan, with affordable monthly or annual rates if you decide to purchase it.


Multimedia Tracking: XnSpy enables you to see all multimedia files sent or received by the target phone user. However, you can always turn this feature off if it takes too much data.

No Installation on iOS Devices: XnSpy is compatible with the most recent iOS updates. You only need to access iCloud to connect to the device you want to keep an eye on.

Offline Monitoring: This is one of the few phone tracking apps that features offline tracking. It continues gathering data even after the target phone has disconnected from the internet. Once re-connected, this data will be transferred to your online account, enabling you to keep track of all the activity you've missed. 

Ambient Recording: A remote command will turn on the target device's microphone, unbeknownst to the user. Such a recording can have a maximum length of 30 minutes.

Analysis Reports: XnSpy provides analysis reports with results such as recurrent callers, call lengths, and frequently visited sites. This allows for monitoring optimization.


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • There are over 30 features
  • Good refund policy
  • Tracking of multimedia items
  • Monitoring of offline activity
  • Analytical reports that are easy to read


  • Monitoring of instant messages on social media requires rooting 

=> Click here to visit the official website of XnSpy

How We Made The List Of Top Mobile Tracker Apps For Enhanced Safety:

Given the vast number of phone tracking apps on the market, we took a meticulous approach. Before composing a list of the best tracking apps, we needed to consider the issue at hand. As we wanted to provide genuinely good recommendations, first, we needed to ask ourselves some questions. Then, our contemplations led to a careful examination of important aspects a good phone tracking app should possess. 

What We Looked For

These are some of the most critical aspects we considered:

  • Convenient Use: We took special care to only include apps that are easy to use and don't require a painstaking installation. We, of course, gave more weight to the websites of phone tracking apps that had enough and truthful information about their abilities and features.
  • Valuable Features: We selected the five phone tracking apps that offer the handiest features parents can utilize to secure the safety of their children. These included locating through GPS, monitoring of texts, photos, and instant messages, and the option to block dubious callers and websites. One of the critical aspects was maintaining anonymity. We excluded every app that gathered data from the target device by "disguising" itself as a different app..
  • Reputability: Most of the brands on our list have been used for many years by millions of people worldwide. We read numerous customer reviews posted by verified accounts, and we compared conflicting claims. We didn't want to exclude any shortcomings from our presentation. We hope this list will help you make an informed choice if you're installing a phone tracking app.

Factors to Consider Before Using Choosing A GPS Phone Tracker:

  • Legality

Find out whether using a phone tracking app is prohibited in the place where you live. Some governments don't allow these apps to be used, so be careful not to put yourself in danger.

  • Compatibility

The device you wish to monitor must be compatible with the phone tracking app. Therefore, it's crucial to take your time to carefully inspect whether they can be connected before you decide on a particular app. For example, if the device runs on iOS, the tracking app must be able to connect to this system. Also, some devices are immune to jailbreaking, which may be necessary for certain features. Thus, all decisions should be preceded by thorough research if you don't want to waste your money. Speak with someone experienced in this field if you have any doubts about a specific phone tracking app.

  • Price and Subscription Plans

Apps usually offer various subscription plans which provide differing features. So again, it's always a good idea to double-check everything before making your choice. In this case, you should carefully examine the features provided by each subscription plan. Once you decide which plan is the most appropriate for your needs, consider if it's worth the price.

  • Customer Support

You can encounter various problems when installing or using a phone tracking app. First-timers often need assistance in certain aspects of these processes, and a professional employee should provide it. The customer service team should always be at your side, as experienced users can also encounter many problems. Reading other users' reviews and opinions can also come in handy.

FAQs About Phone Tracker Apps For Monitoring & Mobile Location:

Is tracking a phone legal?

Installing a tracking app is legal for monitoring your underage kid or if an adult has given you their consent. The only other case where it would be permitted to track an adult is when a law enforcement officer possesses a warrant to track a cell phone of \ someone.

Can I legally track my employees?

Only if you tell them that a tracking device has been installed on the company's devices. This usually leads to increased productivity. However, tracking employees without consent can have unwanted legal consequences.

You can also use the best background check services as well, to track their history.  

Are phone tracking apps expensive?

Depending on the offer's subscription plan, specific prices can be high for some people. However, many effective apps offer demo and trial versions that enable you to test the promoted features.

What is the best phone tracking app?

There can't be an easy answer to these questions, as different apps offer different features at varying prices. Therefore, you should always check whether an app's features will be able to fulfill your tracking needs successfully and whether it's worth the price.

How should I protect my phone from tracking apps?

If you suspect an ongoing illegal activity, one of the first actions you can take is to turn off the phone and take out the battery. Once you turn it back on, you can activate the Airplane Mode, then turn off the GPS and Wi-Fi radios. Of course, if you are still suspicious, you can always alert the authorities.

What are the most common signs of someone tracking my phone?

The most noticeable sign is the accelerated drainage of the battery's power. This happens due to the app's constant background activity and is usually amplified when GPS location tracking is involved. Also, while certain phone tracking apps remain invisible to the phone's user, others "masquerade" as unknown apps.

This should provide cause for alarm, even if nobody's tracking your phone. Other common signs that someone may be monitoring your phone include increased background noise during calls and mysterious data disappearance. You may also find strange websites in your browser history.

Could they help me locate my phone?

Furthermore, phone tracking apps can help you in situations that don't necessarily involve your children. For example, many people often lose their phones in the house. This usually happens after they've turned off the volume or if the battery dies before they manage to find it. GPS tracking can help you locate a phone you've lost outdoors.

Concluding - Best Phone Tracker Applications For Extra Security On Android & iOS

The internet can be a cruel place for underage children, but danger also exists in the real world. As a result, children are often exposed to situations that can become quite dangerous, and that can lead to lasting negative consequences.

Our list of the five best phone tracking apps is designed to lead you to the proper choice. We pointed out various factors you should consider before purchasing an app, and we described the most valuable features. For example, some people may need such apps to monitor workers in their company effectively. Regardless of intention, the phone tracking app you eventually choose to purchase should possess the necessary features to fulfill your wishes. 

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