Discover The Top HGH Supplements For Your Best Health In 2021

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Jan 12, 2021 at 1:45 pm

Human Growth Hormone supplements are a type of daily supplement intended to increase your HGH levels using natural ingredients. They differ from HGH injections because they do not contain synthetic HGH as an ingredient. Not all men who use HGH boosters are athletes or bodybuilders. Many use HGH supplements for their anti-aging properties or sexual health benefits.

HGH supplements can be a great way to improve your overall health as you age. While there’s no substitute for working out and eating healthily, supplements that boost your body’s natural HGH production can exponentially improve your results. Let’s explore how HGH supplements can support your best health before we dive into our recommendations for the best HGH supplements for 2021.

What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as somatotropin, is a youthful hormone that regulates your hair color, skin condition, height, muscle tone, and more. It is released from the pituitary gland and is one of the main hormones for growth, metabolism, and healing.

In children, HGH is important for normal growth. Often marketed as an “anti-aging hormone,” HGH helps regulate and maintain organs and tissues in adults. HGH grabs fat from your reserves and puts it into the bloodstream to be burned for energy.

HGH continues to support our tissue growth as we age, but peaks in our mid-twenties. On average, natural HGH production begins to decline about 10% each decade starting around 30. This decline contributes to a 30-50% loss of lean body mass, a 10-50% increase in body fat, along with decreasing bone density, reduced immune function, and abnormal sleep cycles.

How Does HGH Benefit Your Health?

An HGH booster can greatly benefit your sex life, but it can have other positive impacts on your overall health. High HGH levels lead to:

  • Enhanced muscle growth - HGH promotes the creation of collagen, which helps strengthen tendons and increase muscle mass.
  • Increased exercise capacity - HGH boosts your cell metabolism, making it easier to heighten the intensity of your workouts without added strain.
  • Loss of body fat - HGH is a natural metabolic booster, directly impacting your ability to keep your weight under control.
  • Improved bone health - HGH increases bone mass, reducing the likelihood of fractures and accelerating bone regeneration in the event of a fracture.
  • Stronger immune system - HGH has been shown to potentially trigger the thymus gland, which produces crucial immunity cells known as T-cells1.
  • More youthful appearance - HGH contributes to reducing common signs of aging by tightening your skin and restoring your vitality.

According to scientific reports, decreased HGH production can affect not only your physical well-being, but your emotional well-being as well. HGH deficiency has been linked to mood swings and biological depression. Researchers from the University of Washington also found that HGH improves attention, memory, and other cognitive function2.

Who Can Benefit the Most from Taking HGH Supplements?

You may think HGH supplements are just for men who want to build muscle mass and increase their athletic performance; they’re not. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to take HGH products.

Older men whose production of HGH has slowed and men with low testosterone levels can benefit from HGH supplements. Additionally, if you’re suffering from memory loss or cognitive impairment due to low HGH or testosterone levels, HGH boosters may be able to help. Studies conducted on various HGH supplements have shown that hours after supplementing, HGH levels in the blood are comparable to those of a healthy young man.

What Natural Ingredients Help with Boosting HGH Production?

Supplementing with HGH boosters is a great natural way to increase our body’s production of HGH. The best HGH supplements include some or all of the following ingredients, also known as secretagogues, which help stimulate the secretion of HGH. The proper dosage of these ingredients is crucial to promoting HGH production.

Arginine - An amino acid that boosts the synthesis of HGH, Arginine is also known to aid in the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is important for heart health as well as muscle growth. Arginine has been shown to stimulate HGH levels by up to 300%, allowing for better protein synthesis and muscle repair. Other benefits of this ingredient include: increased fat burning, boosted immunity, and enhanced male fertility. 

GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid) - GABA is a neurotransmitter meant to reduce stress, calm the brain, and boost the pituitary gland. When paired with Arginine, it also helps increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body. There isn’t much of this natural substance present in the body, but it has been known to aid in producing HGH while you sleep.

Pituitary Extract (Anterior Pituitary Powder) - Pituitary extract is known to be a powerful antioxidant that helps your immune system and protects against protein oxidation, which can affect muscle growth. This is an important ingredient that is responsible for encouraging the pituitary gland to promote the production of HGH.

Glutamine - Even at small doses, glutamine has been shown to increase HGH production significantly. This is an essential amino acid if you are working to build muscle mass. It helps keep your metabolism in check, maintains muscle and cell growth, and increases energy and mental alertness.

Glycine - Glycine is an important amino acid known to protect the liver and the heart. Essential to muscle building, it also aids in mental health by relieving stress and calming the brain and body. This ingredient contributes to the psychological-boosting properties of any supplement. It’s also a key agent for stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete HGH. 

It’s important to know what’s in any supplement before you begin taking it. These are just some of the powerful ingredients that indicate an HGH supplement is the real deal. It’s also crucial that the supplement is using the right dosage amount to unlock the benefits of each ingredient.

How We Rank HGH Supplements

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements are designed to increase your HGH levels, naturally. Unlike HGH injections, supplements use natural ingredients (including amino acid blends) to encourage your pituitary gland to produce HGH. When choosing any male enhancement pill, there are a few key things you should look for to ensure the product, and its manufacturing company, are high quality. 

  • Quality Ingredients: Ingredients (and their proper dosages) are the most important factor in determining the quality and safety of an HGH supplement.
  • Clinically-Backed Formula: Each supplement on our list has had its effectiveness claims supported by at least one scientific study, ensuring optimal dosages are used for each ingredient.
  • No Side Effects: In addition to having a clinically-supported formula filled with scientifically-backed ingredients, you’ll want to be sure there are no serious side effects associated with the supplement. All the HGH supplements included on our list have zero side effects. You should always speak with your doctor before trying any new supplement, especially if you have a specific health concern or are currently taking medication.
  • c-GMP-Compliant: Every HGH supplement we’ll recommend today has also been manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility. This means it is made domestically in the United States and meets health and safety standards as monitored by the FDA. Supplements made in other countries run the risk of having potentially dangerous and undisclosed toxins included in the formula.

We’ve chosen the following HGH supplements based on this criteria to help you narrow your search and find the right supplement for you. HGH boosters are the real deal. With the right supplement, you can have it all - stamina, focus, energy, and sex drive.

What Are the Best Supplements for Boosting HGH?

#1 GenF20 Plus® - Best Anti-Aging HGH Booster

GenF20 Plus® is number one on our list for a reason - you can’t beat these results. Thousands of satisfied customers agree, making this HGH booster one of the most popular natural supplements available.

This unique HGH booster features an all-natural formula (delivered in a capsule) paired with an oral spray that jumpstarts your body’s natural production of HGH. No matter what age you are, GenF20 Plus® will help you look and feel younger from the inside out, and put a pep back in your step!

Key Benefits of GenF20 Plus®

There’s so much more to GenF20 Plus than meets the eye. Each ingredient included in the GenF20 Plus® formula has been proven to have its own benefits, so when you combine them, you’re getting the best of each component in a super-powerful supplement.

Physical benefits:

  • Stimulates natural HGH production
  • Faster metabolism
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Increases stamina and energy
  • Diminishes wrinkles, crows feet, age spots, and laugh lines

Mental benefits:

  • Improves memory
  • Regulates mood
  • Enhances mental sharpness 

While GenF20 Plus® doesn’t have any notable drawbacks, it’s important to mention that it can take up to 30 days to see results since it takes time for your body to process the nutrients.

What is in GenF20 Plus®?

GenF20 Plus® is an excellent formula that incorporates amino acids, peptides, and nutrients to help boost HGH. The main active ingredients in the GenF20 Plus® capsule formula are: 

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glycine
  • Colostrum
  • Anterior Pituitary Powder

The main active ingredient in the oral spray is Alpha GPC, which has been shown to improve strength training, mental focus, and cognitive function.

Using optimal dosages of these and other clinically tested ingredients, GenF20 Plus® incorporates just the right potency that helps you feel more youthful and energetic. GenF20 Plus® gets you ready for action again with its powerful HGH-boosting formula.

How GenF20 Plus® Works

GenF20 Plus® doesn’t contain synthetic HGH; it simply tells your body to make HGH on its own. The highly effective HGH-boosting formula combines amino acids, minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and herbals that work to gently coax the pituitary gland to do its job and secrete HGH again.

Using a two-part system, GenF20 Plus includes a daily supplement (pills with an enteric coating) and an oral spray, each taken twice daily. The enterically coated capsules allow for better absorption in your body. While the supplement helps boost your HGH production, the spray helps you get the most out of an already powerful formula.

To maximize results, the recommended dose is two (2) tablets an hour before lunch and two again an hour before dinner. The spray should be used twice a day before meals and held under the tongue for half an hour. Since the GenF20 Plus® is also an energy booster, it’s best to take the first dose of the spray in the morning so it doesn’t affect your sleep.

Where to Buy GenF20 Plus®

GenF20 Plus® is a little pricey compared to other HGH supplements, but we can assure you it’s worth it. The enterically-coated capsule allows you to get up to 90% ingredient absorption (non-enteric capsules are closer to 15% absorption). You can also save big if you order in bulk directly from the manufacturer’s website. When you buy GenF20 Plus® from its official online store, you’ll also get to try the life-changing supplement risk free for 67 days - plenty of time to see initial results. That alone should ease any concerns about price.

#2 HyperGH 14X® - Best Muscle Building HGH Booster

HyperGH 14X® is an HGH supplement designed to be the whole package for men who want to optimize their physical and sexual health as well as their mental wellness. Popular among athletes and bodybuilders who want to see muscle gain quickly, HyperGH 14X kicks your body into high gear by stimulating its natural HGH production. You can expect to have all your hard work in the gym pay off with a leaner, harder body with less fat.

Key Benefits of HyperGH 14X®

HyperGH 14X® made it to our list because it’s one of the best HGH supplements for building muscle mass while reducing body fat. These are just some of the benefits thousands of repeat customers have experienced:

  • Improve recovery times between workouts
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Shed unwanted body fat faster 
  • Better orgasm control
  • Enhance sexual desire and satisfaction
  • Build immune system

HyperGH 14X® doesn’t just focus on physical wellness -  it also improves your sexual and mental well-being, allowing your day-to-day life to benefit.

What is in HyperGH 14X®?

As we’ve already mentioned, HyperGH 14X® contains zero synthetic or unnatural ingredients. The 15 ingredients in this formula have been studied individually to determine their effectiveness for stimulating natural HGH production and improving men’s overall health. The key active ingredients are:

  •  L-Arginine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Powder
  • GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid)
  • L-Glycine 

All the ingredients are used in their maximum potent state.

How HyperGH 14X® Works

The HyperGH 14X® formula includes ingredients that benefit each other; there are no filler ingredients in this powerful HGH booster. The scientifically-backed ingredients work together to stimulate human growth hormone production in the body.

HyperGH 14X® is a two-part system that combines a pill with an oral spray. The recommended dosage is two (2) pills and two (2) sprays orally in the morning to give you a boost during your workout and two more of each at night to help with post-workout recovery. The oral spray contains Alpha GPC, which offers the following benefits to bodybuilders:

  • Helps activate fast-twitch fibers in your muscles for better performance in the gym
  • Increases release of HGH up to 44 times during workouts3

To start, you can cut the dosage in half to allow your body to get used to the product. It’s important that you never exceed the recommended dosage since HyperGH 14X® has formulated their product to get the most potency in each serving. Overconsumption of certain ingredients can be harmful to your body.

Where to Buy HyperGH 14X®

You can purchase HyperGH 14X® through their official website. HyperGH 14X® offers bulk discounts and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your results. This may seem more expensive than other options, but remember that HyperGH 14X® is the total package. You won’t need any additional vitamins or male enhancers when you buy HyperGH 14X®. A 6-month supply works out to be just around $2 per day. That’s more than worth it.

#3 VigRX® Tongkat Ali - Best Libido Energizing HGH Booster

VigRX® Tongkat Ali may be the last HGH supplement on our list, but by no means is it the least. Made by one of the largest producers of male enhancement supplements, VigRX® Tongkat Ali is an HGH booster designed to naturally boost testosterone production and optimize its bioavailability.

Increasing testosterone production means improvements in sexual drive and stamina, as well as muscle mass and post-workout recovery. What makes VigRX® Tongkat Ali unique among not just HGH boosters but also Tongkat Ali supplements, is that it’s the only formula with a worldwide patent to aid men suffering from erectile difficulties. VigRX® Tongkat Ali promises to energize your sex life and improve your sexual performance.

Key Benefits of VigRX® Tongkat Ali

VigRX® Tongkat Ali has been clinically proven in over 13 human trials to deliver the best results, in and out of the bedroom.

Sexual performance benefits: 

  • Harder, longer-lasting erections on demand
  • Greater sexual stamina 
  • Increases in sex drive and libido
  • Improves sperm count and quality
  • Reduces risk of developing erectile issues
  • More pleasurable experience for you and your partner

Physical performance benefits:

  • Increases in energy levels and metabolism
  • Reduces body fat
  • Builds lean muscle mass quicker
  • Greater athletic stamina
  • Improves cardiovascular health

The overall results of VigRX® Tongkat Ali will have you believing you’ve wound back the clock to your younger years.

What is in VigRX® Tongkat Ali?

VigRX® Tongkat Ali has been specially formulated to improve male virility. The active ingredients included in this unique formula differ from other HGH boosters, setting it apart in more ways than one. 

Tongkat Ali LJ100 is the primary active ingredient in VigRX® Tongkat Ali. This patented extract comes from the root of the Eurycoma longifolia plant, and was formulated by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). On its own, tongkat ali has been used for centuries to naturally boost testosterone production, among other health benefits. But the patented LJ100 extract has been scientifically proven to improve libido, enhance sexual function, and increase semen volume.

Other active ingredients include, Zinc, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6, which all help directly or indirectly boost testosterone production. The additional alkaloids, flavonoids, and antioxidants help reduce fatigue and improve stamina.

How VigRX® Tongkat Ali Works

VigRX® Tongkat Ali works by boosting deficient testosterone levels using a patented form of tongkat ali extract called LJ100®.

Where to Buy VigRX® Tongkat Ali

If you’re ready to try VigRX® Tongkat Ali, you can purchase it from the official online store. Buying directly from the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to take advantage of several discount bulk package options. You can also try VigRX® Tongkat Ali risk-free for up to 67 days. If you’re not completely happy with your results by then, you’re covered with a money-back guarantee.

Which HGH Supplement is Right For You?

Figuring out which HGH supplement is right for you depends on your goals. Before committing to one, you should think about which supplement will benefit you and support your needs the most.

  • GenF20 Plus® is great for boosting your energy and sex drive, shedding excess weight, and improving your skin health.
  • HyperGH 14X® is recommended most for athletes and bodybuilders, since it’s steroid-free and successfully builds muscle mass fast
  • VigRX® Tongkat Ali is most effective for men looking to improve their stamina, overall mental health, and decrease risk of erectile difficulties.

The bottom line is this: not all HGH products on the market work the way they claim. The ones we’ve recommended here work, but you should check the ingredients and safety record of any other supplements you’re thinking of trying. You want an HGH supplement that will benefit your body exactly the way you expect, with no nasty side effects.

If you’re interested in becoming the best man you can be, whether in the boardroom, the bedroom, or the gym, it’s clear that optimizing your HGH production is the way to go. It’s time to get your mojo back!