The Best Joint Supplement for Knees That Protects Joint Health and Reduces Pain

Joint pain can be a very serious and debilitating problem that thousands of people up and down the country suffer from. For many, joint pain prevents them from enjoying their lives to the fullest, as it’s a major cause of decreased mobility, obesity, and even depression.

Fortunately, the best joint supplements for knees are on hand as a simple and easily accessible solution to ease the pain and improve mobility.

In recent years, supplements have become more and more popular, as better research means that supplements are able to have a much more positive and significant impact. High-quality, thoroughly researched joint supplements can have a huge difference to your joint health and will work in various ways to attack joint pain and poor flexibility, leaving you feeling pain-free and mobile. With runners and athletes experiencing knee pain, joint supplements shouldn’t be overlooked.

However, with such a highly saturated market, it can be difficult to know which supplements are the real deal, and which are duds. So, to prevent you from potentially wasting your money, we’ve compiled some information that will be important for you to know, as well as a list of tried and tested joint supplements that we believe are best at protecting joint health, minimizing pain, and improving flexibility.

We’ll explain to you who supplements are designed for and what makes them so effective, so that you’ll know everything you need to about supplements and be able to pick out the supplement that will be best at helping you and your specific pain. At the end of this article, we’ll also let you know which one we believe is the ultimate joint supplement.

Best Joint Supplement Summary:

With a full-featured formula of joint-protection ingredients that have been proven, Physio Flex Pro is tested and approved by an exercise physiotherapist. The combination of these ingredients and the balanced approach ensures it is able to take the top spot when it comes to the top joint supplements and the top joint supplementation to athletes.Physio Flex pro is even recognized as the the best joint supplementation according to OpenHealthTools.

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Physio Flex Pro is a tool to help to strengthen and restore joints for bodybuilders, athletes and others who suffer from joint pain. Through reducing inflammation using turmeric Bromelain as well as ginger root and you'll be able to move with ease and without pain. In addition, with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM aiding in the maintenance of healthy synovial fluid and cartilage the motion will be more fluid and you'll experience less pain. Physio Flex Pro offers a total joint support' that we have found to be the most effective in terms of dosages and effects, as well as the final outcomes of supplementation.


  • Fast effects on knees and other joints
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Who Uses Joint Supplements?

It is a common misconception that joint pains are something to help people already suffering with severe joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis. While joint supplements can be very effective in reducing joint pains and improving symptoms of arthritis, it isn’t all that joint supplements should be used for.

Joint supplements can be used to protect and preserve your knee joints from strain or damage that can be caused by repeated use or a sudden impact. They can also maintain flexibility and mobility.

Because of this, the majority of people would benefit from taking high-quality joint supplements. However, some people in particular who should consider taking supplements include the following:

  • People suffering from knee joint pain.
  • People who are recovering from injury.
  • Active people, such as runners, weightlifters, MMA fighters, yoga practitioners, and more.
  • Manual laborers, as their joints are regularly put under a lot of pressure.
  • Office workers, as their joints are put through repetitive strain through typing and slouching.

However, even if you don’t fit into any of these categories, this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from taking joint supplements.

In today’s world, people are able to enjoy a variety of different lifestyles, however nearly all of us will put repetitive strain on our joints, which may destroy them over time. Effective joint supplements can act pre-emptively to protect your connective tissues to prevent you from experiencing any joint issues that you may experience later on in life.

How Do Joint Supplements Work?

As there’s such a huge range of joint supplements, there’s various ways that they all work.

Pre-made joint health and flexibility stacks will work in numerous different ways to combat your joint pain issues at the same time, meaning that you’re likely to feel a more significant impact sooner. On the other hand, individual substances will work much differently dependant on what substance it is.

Regardless of this, usually the most effective, reliable joint supplements work in the following ways:

  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Stimulate repair and regeneration of connective tissues.
  • Restore shock-absorbing fluids.
  • Promote osteoblasts (bone building cells) and suppress osteoclasts (bone destroying cells).
  • Inhibit enzymes which destroy connective tissues.

Of course, this may not be the case for all joint supplements, as this is just a very broad description. The exact actions will vary depending on the substances that are used, but the ingredients in any worthwhile health supplements are more than likely to fall into one or more of the above categories.

Best Joint Supplement Ingredients

No one wants to waste money on products that don’t live up to its promises. With so many joint supplements on the market today, and all claiming to be “the best in the world,” it’s hard to know which one actually will be.

The best way to tell if a joint supplement is going to be all it’s stacked up to be is by looking at its ingredients. A supplement may claim to be able to help with joint pain or mobility, but if it doesn’t contain the right ingredients, then there’s very little chance that it actually will.

10 Best Natural Supplements for Joint Pain, Flexibility, and Mobility

Listed below are 10 natural ingredients which have been proven to be effective for somehow improving joint health and function, whether it’s by acting as a natural pain relief, decreasing inflammation, increasing cartilage repair, restoring synovial fluid, and more.

  1. Curcumin
  2. Glucosamine
  3. Chondroitin
  4. MSM
  6. Boswellia serrata
  7. Selenium
  8.  Bromelain
  9. Garlic
  10. Ginger

1. Curcumin

This compound is found naturally in turmeric and is why turmeric has become such a popular health supplement. Curcumin is a hugely effectively anti-inflammatory, meaning it can reduce inflammation-related joint pain.

On top of this, curcumin inhibits cyclooxygenase, which is an enzyme that produces pro-inflammatory messengers called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are linked with chronic joint pain, and so by suppressing them, curcumin soothes stiff, painful joints. Furthermore, curcumin has an antioxidant power, which protects your joins from oxidative stress.

As if that isn’t good enough, curcumin is also able to reduce advanced glycation end products, which are a distinct marker of ageing and are implicated in many degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Studies have discovered that advanced glycation end products are much more prominent in the joints of people who suffer from chronic joint pain or some forms of arthritis.

2. Glucosamine

This amino sugar is a vital structural component of tissues that are integral to normal joint functioning and joint health. As glucosamine is a main component of synovial fluid (which protects and cushions your joins), increasing glucosamine availability encourages the production of this fluid, which thus improves the ability of joints to absorb any impacts.

As well as this, it is a key component of the proteins that form connective tissues. Studies have also found that glucosamine supplements support chondrocyte cells, which repair cartilage from within.

When you put all of these benefits together, it’s clear that supplements including glucosamine are likely to have a huge beneficial impact on your joint health.

3. Chondroitin

Many people would say that chondroitin is one of the best joint supplements out there. It’s a complex molecule that is “woven” through the extracellular lattice of cartilage, which has a strong negative charge which attracts and binds to water molecules. This hydrates and strengths cartilage, meaning it’s better at absorbing shocks and impacts.

4. MSM

Methylsufonylmethane, known as MSM, is an important ingredient in joint supplementations. MSM is a structural component of glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as cartilage and collagen. Because of this, MSM is a basic building block of connective tissues!

Studies have discovered that MSM supplements protect joint health, improve joint mobility, and reduce joint pain. This is most likely because MSM slows down the erosion of cartilage that is caused by repeated impacts and repetitive strain. It also can maintain cartilage and collagen regeneration, which helps prevent joint pain that occurs when tissues are degraded.


These are the three main omega 3 fatty acids, and the most important ones for health. Omega 3s are powerfully anti-inflammatory, which means they can hugely reduce systemic inflammation, including joint inflammation. EPA and ALA are also able to “lubricate” joints, which improves mobility and flexibility as well as easing joint pain.

Most people consume omega 6 and 9 fatty acids every day. Unfortunately, these fatty acids raise inflammation throughout the body, including the joints. While people can consume omega 3s from food, it’s very unlikely that you are consuming optimal amount. By taking omega 3 supplementation, this can help with joint pain and flexibility.

6. Boswellia serrata

Boswellia serrata is a source of boswellic acid. One of these acids is particularly effective for joint health. It inhibits an enzyme which slowly erodes away cartilage, and while the effects aren’t immediately noticeable, over months and years this enzyme would eat away at the cartilage until your joints are completely immobile, unprotected, and in constant pain.

Because of this, we believe that Boswellia serrata should be in every joint supplement on the market today.

7. Selenium

This is a mineral which has a wide range of functions in the human body. It’s so vital because it’s involved in everything, from DNA production and thyroid function to fighting free radicals and helping immune system function.

Selenium is an anti-inflammatory and taking selenium supplements has been proven to reduce biomarkers of inflammation, which has a positive impact on long-term joint health. Clinical trials have proven that selenium supplements can reduce joint pain, especially when the pain is caused by inflammation, such as with rheumatoid arthritis. As selenium also fights free radicals, it protects connective tissues from damage over time.

8. Bromelain

While bromelain isn’t a common ingredient in joint supplements yet, it should be, and many top supplements are beginning to incorporate it into their formulas. It’s found naturally in pineapples.

Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s so effective at relieving joint pain that’s caused by inflammation. In a study, it was found that bromelain is more effective than diclofenac, a pain killer, at relieving osteoarthritis knee pain. As bromelain is 100% natural, non-toxic, and not associated with any serious side effects, this is an amazing discovery. Other studies have also backed up this finding and have shown that bromelain supplementation decreases pain and sweeling around sore or injured joints. Therefore, it’s a must-have ingredient for joint supplements.

9. Garlic

You might just think that garlic is a commonly eaten food, but it’s actually a lot more than that – it’s an amazing joint supplement. Like many of the other ingredients on this list, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s so effective at alleviating joint pain.

While most joint supplements don’t contain garlic, using a garlic supplement to improve joint health is a good idea, as eating sufficient amounts of garlic to reduce cytokine can be very difficult.

10. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine and is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, such as anxiety, high blood pressure, nausea, and, of course, joint pain.

As ginger root is such a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it is highly effective for the treatment of joint pain, unlike many other “traditional medicines.”

Clinical trials have proven that consuming ginger on a daily basis is a successful way to reduce the severity of joint pain. Other studies have also shown that regular consumption of ginger can also prevent cartilage erosion, tendonitis, and joint pain that is associated with some types of arthritis.

Using ginger alongside bromelain and turmeric will provide you with maximum inflammation-fighting results, and so it should be a primary ingredient in joint supplements.

Best Joint Supplements for Knee Cartilage

Knee cartilage is one of the joint tissues that is most at risk of joint injury and pain. This is because the knee cartilage is the joint tissue that takes the brunt of impact from high-impact sports, such as weightlifting, running, and more. Even if you’re not doing sports competitively, knee cartilage injuries are much more common than any other type of cartilage issue. Due to this, it’s important that athletes take top joint supplements that focus on cartilage repair and protection.

Because of its abilities to protect knee cartilage, chondroitin is one of the best supplements for people suffering from knee cartilage pain. Glucosamine and MSM are also great for this kind of pain, as they support the formation of new, strong cartilage as they provide the body with the things it needs to make new connective tissues.

Turmeric and omega 3 are also important to help knee pain as they can support healthy cartilage by reducing inflammation, and thus limiting stress on the joints. These should all be considerations of the best joint supplement for knees.

Best Joint Supplements for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis which is caused by the gradual erosion of the cartilage. This cartilage cushions the ends of your joints, and so without this it leaves people suffering from extreme joint pain. Osteoarthritis is more common in older people, but it can also affect younger people, usually if they regularly play sports. This type of arthritis often affects your spine, hips, knees, fingers, thumbs, or big toes, but it can occur in any joint.

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of joint pain and finding joint pain relief can be an impossible quest. It’s particularly difficult to find natural joint pain relief supplements that are actually effective for this type of arthritis.

Fortunately, some high-quality joint supplements are effective for relieving joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. The most effective joint supplements for it include glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega 3 acids. Glucosamine and chondroitin are the most important because they encourage the repair and generation of healthy cartilage. As osteoarthritis is caused by the gradual breakdown of cartilage, boosting cartilage with these supplements can reduce the severity of symptoms.

Best Supplements for Cracking Joints and Knees

There is a myth that joint cracking is the sign of inflexible, damaged joints. Many people even believe that it’s an early sign of arthritis, or that it worsens arthritis symptoms. In the majority of situations, this isn’t at all true, and cracking joints are not normally associated with joint damage or arthritis.

Joints that can crack are synovial joints. Synovial fluid surrounds and lubricates the joints that are in your fingers, neck, vertebrae, and more. This fluid id full of gasses, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. When these joints move further than normal, the synovial fluid stretches and creates lower pressure, leading to the gasses in the fluid rapidly escaping and thus forming a bubble. This bubble quickly pops, which causes a “crack” sound.

However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the cracking or popping of joints is caused by the connectives tissue or bones rubbing against one of another. While this usually creates a scraping sound, it can be confused for a popping sound.

If this is causing your joints to “crack,” you’ll likely also experience significant pain in the area, and you should immediately seek help from an orthopaedic surgeon.

For pain that accompanies “cracking” joints, you should look for supplements that contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega 3 fatty acids. These natural substances will prevent joint pain and cracking joints because they promote healthy cartilage and synovial fluid production. If you want an all-in-one solution, you should purchase Physio Flex Pro.

Are Joint Supplements Safe for Knee Pain?

Generally, joint supplements are completely safe for daily consumption. The best joint supplements are 100% natural, plant-based, and have been thoroughly tested in human clinical trials. In fact, most natural joint supplements can be a potential safer option for people who can’t take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

However, you need to do your own careful research on every individual joint supplement before you start using it. Every supplement is different, and some are significantly better than others, in terms of efficacy, purity, and also safety.

We are not doctors, and while we have deeply researched supplements, we are not giving you medical advice, and if you are suffering from severe joint pain, you need to seek medical attention. Natural joint supplements are not designed to treat serious conditions, such as arthritis, and so it’s important that you speak to your doctor, especially before mixing joint supplements with other medications.

The Ultimate Joint Supplement – Physio Flex Pro

In our opinion, Physio Flex Pro is by far the best joint supplement available today and best joint supplement for knees. From our extensive research and personal experience, we have yet to find another joint supplement that comes close to offering a formula with such high-quality ingredients, value of money, or such effective results.

We love Physio Flex Pro so much, simply because it does exactly what you want a supplement to do, and by using high-quality, clinically proven ingredients. When you start using Physio Flex Pro, you can expect to experience the following:

  • Reduced joint pain.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Better bone strength.
  • Stronger joints and joint health for years to come.
  • Faster recovery from injuries.

With the formula having been specifically formulated by orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists, it’s no surprise that the supplements provide comprehensive joint support and are clinically proven to ease joint pain and protect joint health.

In fact, an impressive selling point of Physio Flex pro is that it’s used by real physiotherapists to boost their joint strength and recovery. Leading joint specialists, coaches, and physios use the supplements themselves and on their patients and athletes in order to eliminate pain naturally, reduce injury risk, and to gradually strengthen joint tissues.

The formula is also completely transparent, so that you’re completely aware about what you’re putting in your body. The formula can be found here:

Somehow Physio Flex Pro manages to deliver all of this – in a 100% natural, plant-based manner – for less than $2 a day. This is exceptional value for money for what it is the most effective natural joint supplement on the market.

And, as if all this isn’t reason enough to at least give Physio Flex Pro a try, they manage to deliver the supplements in a 100% natural, plant-based form for less than $2 a day – exceptional value for money for what is the most effective, natural joint supplement available.

So, if you’re searching for natural supplements that can rebuild cartilage, reduce joint pain, increase mobility and flexibility, and protect your joint strength for future decades, then look no further than Physio Flex Pro.

However, it’s important to know that you cannot heal chronic joint pain immediately, especially if you’re suffering from severe pain and injury. It will take a long time for your connective tissue to repair and regenerate, and for impact-induced inflammation to reduce notably.

But if you’re truly serious about optimizing your joints and reducing any joint pain and debilitation you’re suffering from, you need to consistently use high quality joint supplements on a daily basis over a lengthy period of time. Even Physio Flex Pro, one of the best joint supplements, will likely take a month or two to start making a significant difference. In fact, if you see any joint supplement which claims to be able to reverse joint damage or cure joint pain in a few days then this should be an immediate red flag! The best, most trustworthy joint supplements will be honest with you and ensure you know that it will take a few weeks for results to come. While this may be disappointing, when these results come, they’ll be very noticeable and significant.

To read more about Physio Flex Pro, you can read out full review here, or visit their website for more details and prices at

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