Cincinnati Bengals' Sam Hubbard Teaches You How to Make Pepsi Ribs Glaze Ahead of Regular-Season Opener

"Pepsi-glazed ribs? I need a bite of that," Hubbard says.

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click to enlarge The Cincinnati Bengals' Sam Hubbard wants to get cooking with you. - Photo:
The Cincinnati Bengals' Sam Hubbard wants to get cooking with you.

Fresh off the team's 1-2 preseason, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking forward to its 2021 regular-season opener on Sunday, Sept. 12.

But first, defensive end Sam Hubbard wants to make sure you've got game snacks.

Hubbard heads up a new promotion from Pepsi in which he leads viewers on a cooking journey through AR (augmented reality) technology. If you're wondering how to make ribs smothered in Pepsi-based BBQ sauce, Hubbard has the recipe.

When you visit Pepsi's AR website, Hubbard beckons you to turn over all camera permissions to PepsiCo and "cook with Sam." Next, you'll stare at your face while Hubbard pops up holding a Pepsi, saying "Bengals fans, my people! We need to make sure your game-day food is epic." 

"Pepsi-glazed ribs? I need a bite of that," Hubbard adds helpfully.

Users then are prompted to download the recipe or take a selfie adorned with Hubbard, Bengals and Pepsi graphics.

The Hubbard experience works best on mobile phones; the web version glitched and was ill-sized when CityBeat tried it on a laptop.

Earlier this week, the Bengals named Hubbard as one of the team's captains for the 2021-2022 season

The Bengals announced on Aug. 17 that Paul Brown Stadium would be operating at full capacity for the 2021 season. That's a change from the 2020 season, when the team played many of its regular-season games to small or no crowds due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (pre-season games were canceled in 2020). The stadium has a capacity of about 500,000 people.

As CityBeat previously reported, Bengals stadium operations are going cashless. Fans will use credit cards, debit cards or mobile payment methods throughout the stadium, including at all concession stands, retail stores and roving vendors.

Tickets also have gone mobile, the Bengals said, with all tickets stored within the Bengals' mobile app.

Hungry Bengals fans can get a free 3-way, 4-way or 5-way from Gold Star the day after every win when they buy one. 

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