Ludlow Garage is Hosting "Scrantonicity," a 'The Office'-Themed Holiday Party

The Dec. 11 shindig will feature trivia, standup comedy, a costume contest, specialty drinks and a Dunder Mifflin Office Olympics. And start writing that acceptance speech: You'll also have a chance to win your very own Dundie award.

Nov 15, 2019 at 12:14 pm
click to enlarge Ludlow Garage is Hosting "Scrantonicity," a 'The Office'-Themed Holiday Party
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Is your office having a "Secret Santa" this year? Instead of a nutcracker or a teapot (unless it's for your crush), you can say "Happy birthday, Jesus" and blow your co-worker's mind by giving them tickets to "Scrantonicity," a The Office-themed holiday party/trivia night at The Ludlow Garage in Clifton on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The Dunder Mifflin-style shindig promises Office trivia, Office-inspired cocktails, standup comedians and a DJ. They'll also have their very own Dunder Mifflin Office Olympics and a special Dundie Awards ceremony, where you can "win" your very own Dundie (by paying a little more for your ticket, which really puts into question the integrity of the whole Dundie awards process). There will also be games and an Office costume contest with a pretty sweet prize.

According to the event description: "Whether you dress up as Dwight, or as Jim dressing up as Dwight, or just want to enjoy the party, attendees can enter the Grand Prize Sweepstakes, where the winner will be awarded a trip for two to Los Angeles."

No word if Scrantonicity II will perform, but one can always dream.

Tickets are on sale now. General admission is $15. For a ticket and a Dundie, it's $29.99; add a goodie bag with more Office swag for $39.99.

The party is being presented by Pop-Up Party Tours, which produces a variety of themed events across the country. The group said on Facebook that it is fresh off of two sold-out Office parties in Pittsburgh so if you want to attend, be sure to get your tickets ASAP.

Have another alcohol but remember the wise words of the Nard Dog himself, Andy Bernard: