WTF, Columbus? Highway Sign Misspells Cincinnati. Badly.

First spotted in late July, the errant sign's replacement might not arrive for another few weeks

"Cincinnati" gets misspelled enough that it's hard to get too mad about it. In casual social media posts or other transmissions from out of towners who haven't had practice spelling it, it's understandable. It's a weird word. People usually get the general letters right, just out of order or with one or two omitted or added ("Cincinati," Cincinatti," Cincinati," etc.).

There's even a (great and should be followed) Twitter account that tracks misspellings called It's spelled ‘Cincinnati’ (@ItsCincinnati).

But a couple of entities should never, ever misspell Cincinnati — journalists/editors (yeah, yeah, we've done it) and the Ohio Department of Transportation, which is in charge of highway signs.


click to enlarge So close! - Photo:
So close!

No, it's not a troll against Cincinnati for having a better pro soccer team. According to Columbus NBC-affiliate WCMH, the sign is on the 17th Avenue ramp to I-71. WCMH* quotes a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation as saying the error on the sign was first noted in late July, but it can take a couple of months to get a new sign shipped in.

Maybe at least climb up there and just "X" out the second "i"?

Hat-tip to Rich Richmond for pointing this out early this morning on Twitter.

*A previous version of this article had "misspells" misspelled in the headline, but people don't always like spelling jokes, so it is spelled correctly now — and is less funny

*We also misspelled WCMH and called it WCHM... which was not a joke, just an error

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