Colerain Township's Big Art's BBQ to Close After 21 Years

After restaurant owner Big Art passed away in 2016, the family has had a hard time keeping up with the restaurant and wants to go out on a high note

Mar 12, 2020 at 11:04 am
Big Art's BBQ - Photo: Ty Wesselkamper
Photo: Ty Wesselkamper
Big Art's BBQ

A Greater Cincinnati barbecue staple is permanently closing its doors after 21 years of serving the community. 

Big Art's BBQ, located in Colerain, announced in a Facebook post that its last day open will be March 12. 

After restaurant owner Big Art passed away unexpectedly in 2016, the family took over and has worked hard to maintain the reputation that Big Art worked so hard to create. But, according to the post, it has been a challenging process.

"Sherri, Amber, and the whole staff have worked harder than they have had to before in these last four years," the post reads. "Not only did my family have to go through an extremely devastating loss, but we had to pick up the pieces & try to keep it moving to keep the restaurant going."

The family expressed their concerns with the quality of the business declining in the announcement. 

"We don’t want customers leaving anything less than happy," the post sys. "We don’t want all of the hard work that has been poured into the restaurant all of these years to be for nothing. And the last thing we want is for the name my dad spent all of this time building up for himself and his family to be compromised."

After a lot of thought, the team decided it was time to close.

Thursday, March 12 will be the eatery's last day open, and they will offer a limited menu.

"Our family has been forever impacted by all of the love and support. Our only goal is to make my dad—Big Art—proud, and we feel the way to do that is to go out with dignity and a celebration for all this has become," the post concluded. 

Big Art's BBQ, 2796 Struble Road, Colerain.