Jean-Robert’s Table to Close in Downtown Cincinnati This December; Restaurant Seeking New Building

After a decade, the upscale eatery's building has been sold for redevelopment

Oct 6, 2020 at 3:23 pm
Jean Robert's Table - Photo:
Jean Robert's Table

Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel has announced a closing date for his flagship downtown restaurant, Jean-Robert's Table, which has been an outstanding dining destination over its decade in existence.

However, the closure isn't affiliated with COVID or its impact on the dining industry, according to de Cavel. The building has been sold and will be demolished and redeveloped. 

The restaurant will close at the end of 2020 (late December), but de Cavel says he plans to find a new location for the restaurant by fall of next year. 

“This is a bittersweet announcement for me to make, we just celebrated our Ten Years at the Table," says de Cavel in a press release.

“It is the place I started out on my own, just with friends and community support. We’ve had ten wonderful years. I am grateful to all of our team, front of house and back of house, who worked alongside me to make the Table a success. This will allow me to focus early next year on Le Bar a Boeuf and French Crust with a wish to find a perfect location for the Table, hopefully before fall of 2021.”  

De Cavel also owns French Crust Cafe and Bistro, Le Bar a Boeuf, and Frenchie Fresh. 

“I hope making this announcement now gives enough time for everyone who has enjoyed the Table to join us for a last visit on Vine Street," de Cavel concludes. 

Jean Robert's Table, 713 Vine St., Downtown.