Pig Out on Graeter's New Limited-Edition Ice Cream Flavor Commemorating the Flying Pig Marathon

You can also try your Flying Pig Tracks in the newest Graeter's Rookwood Pottery bowl.

click to enlarge Flying Pig Tracks Ice Cream - Photo: provided by Graeter's Ice Cream
Photo: provided by Graeter's Ice Cream
Flying Pig Tracks Ice Cream

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon, Graeter’s is releasing a special, limited-edition ice cream flavor.

Flying Pig Tracks will be available for a short time in all of Graeter’s scoop shops starting Friday, April 28. The ice cream chain describes it as being packed with peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge, and its container features a playful illustration of a flying pig eating an ice cream cone while soaring over Cincinnati.

In addition to being sold at scoop shops, the pint will also be sold at Jungle Jim’s, as well as select Kroger and Dorothy Lane stores. It’ll also be available to buy at Graeters.com, and it can be shipped across the country.

“Staying true to our Cincinnati roots, it made sense to honor the 25th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon with an ice cream release,” Chip Graeter, fourth-generation co-owner of Graeter’s, in a press release. “Beyond runners and fans, we think Flying Pig Tracks is a flavor everyone will enjoy and we're happy to offer it in all of our shops throughout the Midwest.”

The ice cream chain is also partnered with Rookwood Pottery to create a Flying Pig ice cream bowl. Bearing a stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon, the ice cream bowl is the fifth in Graeter’s series of collectible Rookwood bowls. Those will be sold for $59.95 at the marathon registration event at the Duke Energy Convention Center on Friday, May 5.

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Duke Energy Convention Center

525 Elm St., Cincinnati Downtown

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