Sound Advice: An Immersive Sonic Experience Awaits at Onetta's Cincinnati Show

The Cincinnati band plays MOTR Pub on Nov. 26.

Nov 16, 2022 at 7:55 am
click to enlarge Cincinnati band Onetta will play MOTR Pub on Nov. 26. - Photo: Tanner McDole
Photo: Tanner McDole
Cincinnati band Onetta will play MOTR Pub on Nov. 26.

Since 2019, post-punk dream pop band Onetta has worked to develop a live sound designed to surround their audience in a full, immersive sonic experience. With jangly guitars and chorus tinted bass, the Cincinnati-based band promises to bring the listener on a lush, yet heavy, shoegaze journey.

Sam Wulfekotter, chief songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for Onetta, draws inspiration for his songs from bands like My Bloody Valentine, Red House Painters, Joy Division and other post-punk groups. The band’s debut six song EP, In The Valley Of, released in conjunction with the Nov. 26 show, will showcase Wulfekotter’s unique writing style, seamlessly blending elements of his musical influences with his deeply personal and singular signature style.

Wulfekotter picked up the guitar in 2016, and soon became proficient enough to begin writing songs. Over the course of two years, his fellow band members — Eric Shokler on bass, Connor Fennessey on guitar and Brody Forrester on the drums — worked diligently to bring his musical vision to life. Now, having emerged triumphantly from the pandemic, with new songs and a solid, fine-tuned lineup of instrumentalists, Onetta is playing as many shows as they can, in and around Cincinnati. They are also currently working on a follow-up to the new EP, a full length album, due out sometime in summer 2023. 

Onetta plays MOTR Pub on Nov. 26 at 10 p.m. Chameleon Earheart and Waning open the show. Info:

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