Art: Images Chasing Titles at Collector's Art Group

Sam Hollingsworth's collection of watercolors, 'Images Chasing Titles,' is now on display at Collector's Art Group downtown. Check out his surrealist take on ice cream, elephants and the Hokey Pokey through June 27.

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Watercolors aren’t what you thought they were, particularly when Sam Hollingsworth puts brush to paper. His show at Collector's Art Group, Images Chasing Titles, ditches the usual watercolorist’s subject matter for surrealist takes that combine ice cream cones and blue moons, a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” that finds him in a Mason jar and the fireflies outside, or elephants at play in “Maybe the Hokey Pokey is What It’s All About.” The artist describes making the latter as “about as much fun as I’m allowed to have.”

Plenty fun for the viewer too. Hollingsworth’s work is more muscular than watercolor has any right to be, and he uses color as though pastels are shades of last resort. There’s thought behind all this, though, and a certain amount of self-discovery as well as tribute to the artist whose ideas provide springboards for his own: Marcel Duchamp.

Hollingsworth begins with a title, he says, and conjures up the image for it.

Images Chasing Titles runs through June 27 at Collector's Art Group, 225 E. Sixth Street, Downtown.

Get show and gallery details here.

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