Comedy: Chris Porter

Chris Porter performs at Go Bananas Thursday, Feb. 9.
Chris Porter performs at Go Bananas Thursday, Feb. 9.

There’s a basic theme to Chris Porter’s comedy. “I try to make it about society for the most part,” he explains. “I think people are rude. I talk about social etiquette, people not waiting for others to get out of an elevator. Stupid people, but not in a Bill Engvall way — people who didn’t pay attention in high school; those idiots.”—- One thing Porter tries to avoid is using the stage as a soapbox. “As a comic you find being funny is kind of easy. If you can make a point, or have a point inside the funny, it makes the humor that much stronger. But the funny should supersede the point.” He believes some folks are more skillful at doing that than others. “I just hate it when people are preachy in a comedy club. It’s not a rally, that’s not where we’re at right now. Bill Maher is just trying to make these points, and he just seems to me like a pompous douche bag.” Porter performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday. $4-$16.

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