Lady of the Water

Jake Speed -

Notes: The Lady of the Water in this song isn't a real lady at all, but rather a reference to the beautiful statue that adorns the center of downtown Cincinnati's most famous fountain. Recently, we've missed our lovely mistress on account of renovations surrounding her pool; however, the construction is complete and she's returned. I decided to pay tribute to her upon her glorious return. She's the closest Cincinnati will ever come to true royalty.

Lady of the Water
By: Jake Speed 9/29/06

Justin Todhunter: Mandolin

Kentucky Graham: Tenor Guitar

Chris Werner: Upright Bass

Recording: Go To Your Room Studios by Chris Werner

Sweet in the Summer, drink her in.Icy in the Winter, and the ice is thin.She floods your eyes, she's like a Spring.Watch your step, or you'll Fall right in.

She's the Lady of the Water on Fountain Square An upright gal with a downtown flair She's a tall drink of water with an ice-cold glare She's the Lady of the Water on Fountain Square

She'll point you out, then stare you down.She'll lure you in, then pour you out.She'll whet your whistle, with a woo woo Then spout dismissal with a uh uhh

Like Lady Madonna, she's a prayer.But don't you cross her, don't you dare.I confess, I'm blessed, I swear.I worship the Lady on Fountain Square.

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