Sex Education That Makes Sense

Ohio Prevention First Act has been in limbo for three years while Planned Parenthood Action of Ohio, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and supporters requested a hearing for the “a common-sense, common-ground measure that would reduce the number of unintended pregnancies in Ohio by increasing access to birth control and ensuring fact-based sex education programs in public schools.”—-

With teen pregnancy on the rise under abstinence only “education” programs, has been working to bring a reality check to the unrealistic expectation that young adults can, should and need to be willing to act like adults on fifties TV shows.

“Many of you in the Progress Ohio community wrote letters and made phone calls, and yesterday your efforts paid off: the Ohio Legislature finally held its first hearing on the Prevention First Act,” says a press release from the group. “As the legislature hears testimony and makes decisions, it's a great time to create some "buzz" in the media. Can you take a moment to write a Letter to the Editor.”

The group’s Web site has a customizable template – all you need is your zip code and a few minutes to share your thoughts.

They also share some important information about the legislation currently under consideration.

“(HB 251, SB 179) focuses on the prevention of unintended pregnancies through comprehensive sex education for teens (including science-based information about reproduction, birth control, and abstinence) and affordable, accessible birth control,” the press release says.

The Ohio Prevention First Act would:

  • earmark existing state funds for family planning purposes;
  • require insurance plans that cover prescriptions to also cover birth control;
  • require pharmacies to fill all in-stock legal prescriptions and to dispense all over-the-counter medications;
  • ensure access to emergency contraception in all emergency rooms for sexual assault victims;
  • ensure that Ohio's state funded sexual education programs provide young people with the information they need to make safe, informed, responsible choices; and
  • launch a teen pregnancy prevention grant program through the Ohio Department of Health to award grants to public and private entities to establish or expand programs geared toward at-risk youth.”

Take a few moments to help bring the sexual health of young adults in Ohio back into the 21st Century.

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