Stage Door: The How and the Why

If you're looking for a theatrical change of pace this weekend, you might want to check out How? How? Why? Why? Why? at the Cincinnati Playhouse (check out Julie York Coppens review here). You'll hear some intriguing thoughts from Kevin Kling, a regular NPR commentator, about his life, his past and the nature of happiness. It's not really what you'd call a play, more like a monologue on some heartfelt themes. —-And not exactly a monologue either, since Kling is joined onstage by Simone Perrin who sings, plays the accordion and guitar, and provides occasional moments of vocal punctuation. This is not a stand-up-and-cheer kind of show, but it's definitely a sit-back-and-think, not to mention be-glad-you're-alive production.

Kling has adjusted to some physical challenges in his life that would sour most people's perspectives. He, however, is an optimist who says that life is often about finding your way when the path you think you're on changes dramatically. His insights will definitely make you ponder what's important in your life.

It's in the intimate Shelterhouse theater with little more than a chair, a table and a clothesline with some laundry hung out to dry. But Kling's vivid storytelling paints all the pictures you'll need for a fascinating evening in the theater. Call 513-421-3888 for tickets.

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