Jewish Arts and Culture Nonprofit Teams Up With Rookwood to Create 'Cincinnati Menorah'

A hundred percent of the Menorah's sales proceeds will go toward Jewish arts and cultural programs.

click to enlarge Rookwood Pottery-ish Menorah - Photo: Provided by ish
Photo: Provided by ish
Rookwood Pottery-ish Menorah

Cincinnati organization ish, a nonprofit that celebrates ‘Jew-ish’ arts and culture as a way to connect people across cultural divides, has teamed up with Rookwood Pottery and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati to create the Cincinnati Menorah.

“As we navigate through these challenging times, marked by the ongoing events in Israel and Gaza, the message of Hanukkah becomes profoundly relevant. It is a reminder that even in adversity, we can find beauty, joy, and unity. The Menorah stands as a symbol of hope and solidarity, not just for the Jewish community but for all of humanity,” ish said in a press release.

ish says the Menorah represents not just Jewish tradition, but also the universal themes of Hanukkah: resilience, unity, and the joy of sharing light with others. The Cincinnati Menorah was designed by Maxwell Holden and modeled by Jen Watson, who shared those same sentiments in their artist’s statement:

“The menorah measures time in moments. It does not tick or count the minutes in the evening as the candles burn. The menorah marks our experience of time in a very precise way: one complete moment each evening together. Children are thrilled by potential gifts waiting at the end of the prayer and adults are refreshed by a gathering in a context outside of the grind of daily chore and routine. The menorah is more than a moment keeper. Ritual is a reminder to us to be aware and pay attention to the broader context we live in.”

And the Cincinnati Menorah’s unique art deco design provides more versatility than the traditional Menorah, with its ability to hold various kinds of candles.

“We don’t need to wait for the holidays to enjoy our communities or give meaningful attention,” continues the artist's statement.

The Cincinnati Menorah can be bought at, with 100% of the sales proceeds going toward future arts and cultural programs at ish.

Learn more about ish here.

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