WATCH: Kings Island Packs New Orion Giga-Coaster Full of Bob Ross Plushies for a Test Ride

Everyone's favorite painter got an up-close look of his beloved happy little clouds.

May 4, 2021 at 9:43 am
click to enlarge Bob Rosses riding Orion - Photo: Provided by Kings Island
Photo: Provided by Kings Island
Bob Rosses riding Orion

Cincinnati's Kings Island opens to the public on May 15, and ahead of their much-anticipated season return, the amusement park had some fun with the nation's beloved bushy-haired and big-hearted painting teacher. 

Well, at least a couple dozen of them, actually. 

During a test run of the park's new Orion giga coaster — the seventh in the world — Kings Island packed the coaster car full of plush Bob Rosses (available as prizes at select games throughout the park this year) and filmed it for our entertainment. Bless.

"The ride voted 2020’s 'Best New Amusement Park Attraction' by USA Today readers, plunges guests (and Bob Ross) down an exhilarating 300-foot drop before sending them on a high-speed journey over seven more hills at speeds up to 91 mph. Racing along 5,321 feet of track, it is Kings Island’s tallest and fastest roller coaster," an email from Kings Island reads. 

Watch the whimsical sights below: