A New Oyster Restaurant is Moving into the Former PearlStar Location in Over-the-Rhine

Owners Garth Lieb and Tom Stephen, who also own The Pony and Liberty's Bar & Bottle, say they're still working on a name and branding for the new restaurant.

click to enlarge 1220 Vine St., formerly known as PearlStar - Photo: Catie Viox
Photo: Catie Viox
1220 Vine St., formerly known as PearlStar
Fans of PearlStar and its oysters were devastated when the restaurant abruptly closed its doors in February. But now, a new dining option is moving into its place in Over-the-Rhine and bringing its own oyster and seafood dishes with it.

Veteran restaurateurs and owners of The Pony and Liberty’s Bar & Bottle Garth Lieb and Tom Stephen signed a lease with 3CDC for the former restaurant at 1220 Vine St. Their new restaurant’s concept will differ from their others, however, as, like PearlStar, this spot will focus on all things oyster, as well as eclectic small plates and shared dishes, according to a press release.

“We would like the menu to feature a playful collection of seafood preparations while also making use of great local produce in a variety of vegetarian dishes,” Lieb and Stephen said of their still-evolving menu.

While the menu is still evolving, the owners say it will be paired with an extensive old-world wine list that will include a lot of sparkling and rosé options. They’ll also feature classic and original seasonal cocktails and spritzes.

The restaurant is undergoing minor renovations at this time, including a reimagining of its patio space, which will include an outdoor bar and plenty of seating.

“Garth and Tom and have already made their mark in OTR, so we’re looking forward to partnering with them on a new concept that will complement the other amazing dining options along Vine Street,” said Lindzie Gunnels, commercial leasing manager with 3CDC. “We believe their vision for the space will take full advantage of both the indoor and outdoor space at the location, which will result in a unique spot in the middle of one of the best dining districts in the City.”

Lieb and Stephen say they are currently working on the name and branding for their new restaurant.
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