Listen Up: Cincinnati's In The Pines Release Single Off of Upcoming Album

"Painting By Numbers" is the title track that teases the bands full-length album out on Nov. 3.

Local indie-psych band In The Pines released a single off of their upcoming album on Sept. 26. The title track, “Painting By Numbers,” is a somber tune that exemplifies what Clandestine Label Services dubs a quintessential summer-into-fall album.

On the heels of a Midwest tour and with the release of “Painting By Numbers,” In The Pines are cultivating some serious hype and attention for their third album release on Nov. 3. But how does an album, or even just a song manage to feel like the changing of seasons?

“The reverb drenched, Shoegaze-adjacent drift-and-stomp tunes from Painting By Numbers unfold as much as they announce themselves,” publicist Ryan Hall said in a press release. “The Cincinnati trio shares similar sonic zip codes as bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Mountain, Painting By Numbers is quintessentially a summer-into-fall album punctuated by soaring hooks, translucent guitars and a locked-in rhythm section.”



Experiencing hot, sunny summer blend into cool, cozy fall induces a complex emotion conflicted by loss and gain. As leaves change, their vibrancy brightens gloomy, overcast days while a welcome chill forgets the harsh humidity of summer. Painting By Numbers is 10 tracks of comfort songs that explore this complex transition. There are also plenty of dancy moments infused with a broody rock vibe and the lyrics are painfully thoughtful.

“Painting By Numbers” (the single) retains a swayful melody with a buildup of swooning guitar and synth and phantom-like vocals. The steady song reaches a climactic end with a ghostly harmony of sound and intense but subdued drum beat.

In The Pines is Michael Shular (bass/vocals), Charlie Horn (guitar/vocals), Alex Dungan (drums/vocals) and Peter Foley (synthesizers). Painting By Numbers was recorded at Futureappletree Studio Too by engineer Patrick Stolley and produced by the band. Local record label Soul Step Records will release the album.

“Mixed by Dalton Allison (Post Animal) and Patrick Stolley (Futureappletree Studio Too), PBN twists the group’s signature psychedelic sound into an atmosphere of fuzzy, distorted shoegaze,” Hall said in the release. “This album meticulously layers saccharine, philosophical vocals with heady guitar tones, steadfast yet varied bass lines, and powerful drums that frequently build into a shimmering wash of synthesizers.”

After you listen here, check out In The Pines on Spotify or Bandcamp and keep an eye out for the album release on Nov. 3, which will be available on vinyl at An album release party will take place Nov. 18 at The Woodward Theater.

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