Minimum Gauge: Trump loads up convention soundtrack with artists who want nothing to do with him

Music used at the Republican National Convention draws ire of several of the artists who created it; Insane Clown Party plans march on Washington, D.C. to defend the honor of Juggalos; Thom Yorke used in religious group's meme about Satan.

click to enlarge Trump's RNC entrance to Queen's "We Are the Champions" defied the band's request to not use its music
Trump's RNC entrance to Queen's "We Are the Champions" defied the band's request to not use its music

HOT: Unconventional Soundtrack

Donald Trump’s campaign has been frequently met with requests from musicians to stop using their music during rallies. But for the Republican National Convention’s soundtrack, the GOP kept on message by offending a broad cross-section of performers, ignoring previous requests from Queen and The Rolling Stones, and causing Earth, Wind & Fire and The O’Jays, as well as the estates of Luciano Pavarotti and George Harrison, to add to the chorus of artists not wanting to be associated with the candidate. Hopefully Democrats learned from the backlash and Hillary Clinton will resist the urge to walk out onto the DNC stage to Kid Rock’s “I Am the Bullgod.”

WARM: Clownin’ DC

Outlandish Rap duo Insane Clown Posse is still (rightfully) pissed that the FBI officially proclaimed its cult of dedicated followers, Juggalos, a “gang” in 2011. While awaiting an appeal after a lawsuit to have the distinction removed was dismissed, the twosome announced at their Gathering of the Juggalos festival that they are planning a sort of “million clown march” on Washington, D.C. next September, beginning at the Lincoln Memorial and ending at the Washington Monument, where artists and fans will “explain to the world who the fuck we really are.”

COLD: Thom Yorke, Satanic Minion?

Compared to the usual Rock stars blamed for society’s ills (see: Marilyn Manson), Radiohead’s Thom Yorke comes off like a soft-spoken art student. But something called New Generation for God — which appears to be a Christian group utilizing this hip, new internet thing to reach young people — posted a meme with a photo of Yorke on social media that broke down the “8 things that satan uses to enslave you and destroy you.” While Yorke doesn’t fit into any classic “Rock star” stereotype (suggesting the meme’s creator may have simply Googled “man face” and used whatever came up), his visage was plastered in the middle of a list of “evil” devices, including pornography, drugs and “witchcraft & tarot.”

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