Rules of Engagement

Plus, a viola player sues the Royal Opera House after hearing damage and The Rolling Stones are still getting banned

Apr 6, 2016 at 8:43 am

HOT: Rules of Engagement?

People who still want to interview Black Eyed Peas rapper — sorry, “Hip Hop artist” (as he demands to be called) — have to follow some very specific rules. A British journalist who was up to the task tweeted some of the alleged four pages of demands he was given before interviewing the artist/producer. The list includes moment-by-moment instructions (like “no need to go into details about your outlet or personal background” and “Say hello, sit down and get started”), tells the interviewer to “refrain from editorializing about the subject/theme” and informs the writer that if Mr. asks for a question to be repeated, “ask crisper, more direct questions.”

WARM: Ear Plugs: Not Just for Rockers

A viola player who claims to have suffered “acoustic shock” after rehearsals for Wagner’s Die Walküre is suing London’s Royal Opera House, essentially for the loss of his career. Chris Goldscheider says the brass section sitting behind him was so loud during the rehearsals in 2012, it “irreversibly damaged” his hearing. The BBC reports that the sound reached 137 decibels, “roughly the same as a jet engine.” Goldscheider says he’s now hypersensitive to sound, has been unable to work in the field he studied for his whole life and couldn’t even thoroughly enjoy being a new father because the baby’s crying caused “noise-induced vertigo.”

COLD: Stones Still Getting Banned

Even at 150 years old (or whatever), The Rolling Stones still stir up controversy. Last year, posters promoting Exhibitionism, a multi-media exhibit at London’s Saatchi Gallery, were banned from being posted at London bus stops and subway stations unless the band’s protruding-tongue logo was moved further from the crotch of a woman’s torso featured in the pop-art ad. More recently, guitarist Keith Richards revealed that residents of the upscale neighborhood where the gallery is located would not allow the band to play “four or five numbers” on the gallery lawn to celebrate the opening this month.