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ART: CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER and THE CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM combine forces for the Lewitt x 2 exhibition. See feature here.

MUSIC: THE XYZ AFFAIR, a Prog Pop/Indie Rock/Glam-spiked Psychedelia band with a smart name, plays the Southgate House. See Sound Advice on here.

ONSTAGE: RADIO GOLF offers fresh insight into issues of class and race at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. See cover story here.

ART: RED TREE GALLERY Red Tree Gallery is a hidden gem in Oakley. Sip on some of its fair-trade, organic coffee and check out the current exhibition, Evoke. It includes landscape, figurative and abstract paintings as well as unusual furniture. While the artists in this group exhibition have very distinct styles, the installation effectively accentuates each.

Natalie PeGan's landscapes are soft and muddled by memory, while Joel Blazer's paintings and prints depict off-kilter kaleidoscopic figures in flat colors and forms. Scott Stibich's furniture incorporates unexpected elements that invite a double-take, and Jim Crosser's glossy abstract paintings embrace a bold, bright palette of acrylics. The prices are reasonable and responsible for the impressive number of sold stickers already posted. Evoke is on display through April 3. 513-321-8733. (Get gallery details and find nearby bars and restaurants here.) - Angela Kilduff

SPORTS: CINCINNATI CYCLONES It's been a long time since Cincinnati sports fans have had a winning team to follow (rumor has it that a local college is in some kind of basketball tournament this week, but we're not sure about the details). The Cincinnati Cyclones are currently cruising through the final month of their schedule at 48-10 and have already clinched their division. The team won 17 straight games at one point and looks to have a legitimate shot at the East Coast Hockey League title if the Montreal Canadiens don't steal all their good players for the NHL squad. With another couple weeks left before the Reds come north, the Cyclones are your only option for avoiding sketchy March weather and seeing live athletic competition. You probably already missed the only game this week as the 'Clones got bumped to a 10 a.m. slot at U.S. Bank Arena Wednesday (did the Smucker's Stars on Ice Tour need extra ice time?), but they're back at 7:30 p.m. March 26 and 28. $10-$22.50. 513-421-PUCK. (Buy tickets, check out performance times and find nearby bars and restaurants here.) - Danny Cross

COMEDY: GEOFF TATE It's been a hectic few weeks for Cincinnati-based comedian Geoff Tate. In mid-March he flew to New York to film a segment for Comedy Central's Live at Gotham series. This week he will open for Mike Birbiglia, the man who helped give him his first big break. Well, Birbiglia and an open slot from another stand-up comedian who didn't show up one night at Go Bananas. Tate had been doing stand-up for a little while and was working the door at the Montgomery comedy club. "About a year and a half ago Mike ... was coming in to do one night and the middle comic didn't show up, so I had to finish working the door, change clothes and go on stage." So impressed was Birbiglia that he gave Tate other opportunities to open around the country, which eventually lead to the appearance on Live at Gotham. "It all comes from being in the right place at the right time," Tate says. Tate will open for Birbiglia Thursday-Saturday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. $17-$20. (Friday is sold out.) 513-984-9288. (Get details and find nearby bars and restaurants here.)

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