News: Blaming the Jews

Write-in candidate espouses nutty conspiracy

Oct 25, 2006 at 2:06 pm

The White House and the big media are controlled by a "criminal syndicate led by neo-con Jews," the World Trade Center on 9/11 was toppled by a "controlled demolition" and the planes seen slicing through the twin towers were actually drones.

We are, says Jim Condit Jr., write-in candidate for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, on the road to World War III.

These are among the issues Condit Jr. is raising as he campaigns to replace U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Miami Township) in a sprawling district that covers eastern Hamilton County, Clermont County and other eastern Ohio counties.

"I'm the only candidate in the United States, I think, who is hitting dead-on the major problem we have in this country," Condit Jr. told Bill Cunningham, WLW (700AM) host, Oct. 18, "and that is the neo-con, Zionist-Jewish faction — sorry, that's who it is — at the national level that controls the White House, controls all five big TV networks that controls the news every day. They are pushing us into World War III in the Middle East."

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security chief, is a "Lenin look-alike" and "just like the communist Jews that took over Russia in 1917, is trying to create a police state," Condit Jr. says.

Although Condit Jr., 53, has been on the local political scene since the 1970s — involved in the anti-abortion movement and Cincinnati City Council races, Republican politics, as well as previous congressional races — his is not a high-profile campaign. He doesn't have much money; he'd raised about $6,300 as of Oct. 14. The mailing address for his campaign is a post office box; there is a fax number but no campaign phone.

"We're not big enough at this time to man the phones or answer calls in a timely manner, so we'd just be kidding you to list a phone number," he explains on his campaign Web site (

He also refers voters to another Web site ( and has produced a series of DVDs and radio ads that deal with who and what really run the United States.

Condit Jr. won't do interviews, especially with print media, that can be edited, so he declined an interview with CityBeat. He said he'd be willing to write an essay of whatever length a newspaper specified but that the essay would have to run in its entirety. Then the newspaper "can try to take it apart all they want in a story or counter-essay — provided that my entire essay is published."

CityBeat didn't agree to those conditions.

He insists on being identified as Condit Jr.; his father is attorney Jim Condit Sr.

"I don't want my dad or any member of my family to be blamed for the things I'm about to say," Condit Jr. told Cunningham last week.

Condit Jr. will do live TV and radio interviews, where there is little or no chance of being edited. Thus his appearance on WLW.

But even Cunningham, whose conservative views are as high-profile here as, say, Rush Limbaugh's nationally, was a bit amused by Condit Jr.'s beliefs and world outlook. He toyed with Condit Jr. and asked if those remote-controlled airplanes that slammed into the World Trade Center were "like the little airplanes at Lunken?"

"What happened to the people on the planes?" Cunningham asked. "Were they assassinated (beforehand)?"

"I would say that's the most probable thing," Condit Jr. said.

The real culprit behind the 9/11 attacks?

"The people that did this were the Mossad of Israel," Condit Jr. said.

"The Jews did it!" Cunningham interrupted.

After a moment, Condit Jr. continued, "This was a hit job on America to begin World War III. It was done by this faction — the Arabs were set up. The lies that were told about why we went to Iraq — we went to Iraq for one reason, and that's so we could build the bases ... to attack other Arab countries. And the neo-cons like Bill Kristol (editor of Weekly Standard, a conservative publication) and so forth, they are wanting to nuke Iran."

Cunningham tracked this train of thought.

"Do you think Americans ever walked on the moon?" he asked Condit Jr.

"I predicted several people were going to ask me that," said Condit Jr., who laughed. "The short answer is yes."

Not many rush forward to rebut Condit Jr. Indeed, one local community activist, who asked not to be quoted, said he was unaware that Condit Jr. was even in the race but acknowledged he knew he had campaigned in past congressional races. A phone call to the National Conference for Community and Justice seeking comment on Condit Jr.'s candidacy wasn't returned.

E-mail to Schmidt's campaign committee, seeking reaction to the Condit Jr. candidacy, went unanswered. Ady Barkan, communications director for Schmidt's Democratic opponent, Dr. Victoria Wulsin, said Wulsin has nothing to say about either Condit Jr. or Nate Noy, another write-in for the 2nd District. ©

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