The Rise of The Panderers

Oct 17, 2008 at 1:15 pm

I befriended frontman Scott Wynn of The Panderers on MySpace a year and a half ago, not much expecting to be friends outside of that space. The bang, the clak, the lo-fi chemical makeup of his music flowed in my ears and captured my mind. I wanted these guys live on stage in front of me!

I reached out that spring to learn more, asking if there were any plans for a tour. —- Seeing as how Scott was only an hour stretch into Indiana, I thought a local show was definitely within reach. His mates, however, were little further out: Pete McNeal in California; Scrap Livingston in NYC. No tour for them, no show for me. Life carried on, colors began turning and leaves began falling.

Early last fall I hit up Scott to discover that The Panderers’ wheel was, in fact, spinning. Soon to debut was a self-released LP Songs That Bang, an honest hands-on effort offered only on MySpace. It shipped to 19 countries. Impressive. Mike Doughty got his hands on Songs That Bang and fell mind over matter for it. The bangin’ LP perhaps motivated Doughty to pick up pace on his micro-label project, Snack Bar. A few fellas put in a few hours over the winter and, wouldn’t you know it, Hotshot’s Boy became Snack Bar’s debut release in April 2008. Two words: tour, baby!

The Panderers planned an eight-week U.S./Canadian tour as main support for Mike Doughty. I was indeed going to see them live on stage in front of me! I wrote the words the best way I knew and chatted up some local media folks. I was surprised at some radio stations’ resistance at giving Songs That Bang a chance. Especially with Scott having spent his first eight years of life in Cincinnati and then graduating from NKU. In past efforts, the stations have at least listened to what I sent. “C’est la vie,” said me.

The Panderers at Southgate House BANGED! The songs BANGED! The crowd, yeah, we BANGED! Talk around town was good. Shoot, talk around the country was good! When their tour landed in California, KCRW picked them up and put “Come On” down as a Top Tune (not an easy get). They fell on XM Radio’s Top Artist Radar Report for two months. Word was getting out; people heard it and they liked it.

Knowing this, I was hot on Scott’s trail upon his return, inquiring on fall plans. I remember him telling me a tour was possible, but he was letting the “words” settle before making any moves. I’m led to believe he had a few phone calls. OK, I know he had more than a few phone calls. Fall tour was off the plate and other tastier things were in the pan. More bacon than the pan can handle? Patience is a virtue, and Scott Wynn is beyond a virtuous man.

This past Monday, a new commercial for PlayStation 3’s game Little Big Planet aired on television featuring “Come On” by The Panderers!

This is big, ladies and gents. If you haven’t caught the “Come On” hook on the radio or online, you’re about to be hooked by the TV. Sony has begun infusing The Panderers “Come On” into the mainstream like Apple’s iPod has done for The Ting Tings (“Shut Up and Let Me Go”) and Jet (“Are You Gonna Be My Girl”) or like Mitsubishi did for Dirty Vegas (“Days Go By”).

Oh, right. Tune in to NBC during prime time next month and you might just catch another hook compliments of The Panderers. Did I say big? Is huge bigger than big? If so, this is huge, ladies and gents. Very huge. Very big.

— Sara Beiting

A note from The Panderers MySpace page:

Oh Posse,

We are proud to announce that The Panderers song "Come On" is being put to work in the many Little Big Planet commercial spots that are being seen all over television. We are entirely glee-filled to have been selected by such an innovative video game product that is turning so many heads in the gaming world. Little Big Planet is all the rage for many gaming magazine editors and the articles that I have read place Little Big Planet among the top new video game releases for Fall 2008. It is predominantly among the top three and most often listed in the top position on so many gamer's and gaming columnists "Top Releases" lists.

If you aren't yet aware of the power of Little Big Planet, get ready. If you are familiar, then you know how big this thing will be. Be on the lookout for this cute little guy below. His name is "Sackboy." This is next level magic in my opinion.

The coolest part, to me, is the way the game obeys gravity and how the textures are all "real world" textures... like they sampled real sack material to make the characters from. You can also import your own music into the game, import photos of yourself, kids, dog, enemies and place throughout the game levels. and get this...YOU CAN THEN UPLOAD YOUR CUSTOM-DEVELOPED LEVEL TO THE WEB FOR OTHERS TO TRY TO SOLVE/BEAT.

Essentially, anyone can become a contributing gamebuilder.. or you can just play the levels that come with the game if you like. The Little Big Planet game releases October 21, 2008. Here are some sites worth checking out. They may be slow due to the growing demand and everyone getting interest all at once.

Try to listen out for The Panderers, now, even as you watch television. You can find our music for sale here and there too if you look.
Look pls ;)

Rock out and shake hard,

The Panderers