Eat Sugar, Dan Karlsberg, Rumble Club and The Great Depression

One of the cooler newer bands in town, Eat Sugar, has a new introductory EP ready for public consumption -- and on Friday at the Gypsy Hut you'll be able to get your grubby little hands on a copy fo

One of the cooler newer bands in town, Eat Sugar, has a new introductory EP ready for public consumption — and on Friday at the Gypsy Hut you'll be able to get your grubby little hands on a copy for the first time. For some samples to tide you over, check the band's sites at and

The rise of "Electronica" that the music press predicted toward the end of the Grunge era never really happened as anticipated, though today many of the Indie music world's most innovative and successful bands have an electronic element.

So Eat Sugar has come out at just the right time. But the band's music shares little more than an Electro heart with other electronic music purveyors. While LCD Soundsystem mashes varying modern and retro Indie styles into its presentation and The Knife has recreated a sort of Darkwave cabaret from the early '80s, Eat Sugar has more in common with bands like The Faint, who use the old tools of the New Wave trade but rewire the circuit board with Punk and Pop chips.

When it comes to talent and creativity, Eat Sugar already has a prosthetic bionic leg up on most other upstarts. Singer Aidan Bogosian (formerly of The Reaction) is the band's secret weapon. The best "new" singer on the local Indie scene, Bogosian's vocals can be spastic and frizzy, as the herky-jerky music sometimes calls for, but there's an inherent soulfulness to his voice that makes it much more effective than the overly-theatrical yelps of some of his peers.

It's hard to imagine a drummer for this band other than Greg Poneris (formerly of Chalk), who once again provides metronomic precision with an overheated energy threatening to short-circuit everything at any moment (his playing has the perfect mix of drum-machine tightness and human adrenaline).

Onetime Fairmount Girl Erin Proctor and Poneris' Chalk-mate Jim Reynolds handle the propulsive synth assault and they guide the jittery burble with a mix of gracefulness and aggression.

The end results of this ideal collaboration — as fantastic songs like "Sixteen" (a hit in the making) prove — stand up to the best Electro Post Punk made today (in fact, they're often as good as anything created in New Wave's heyday). Though clearly informed by some modern influences, Eat Sugar's four-song teaser contains songs that would pass easily as a treasured relic from 1979, thanks to their love of more antiquated synth sounds and dedication to never letting the machines override the human element and energy. In just four songs, Eat Sugar has made one of Cincinnati's most impressive recording debuts of 2007.

Rumors, Lies and General Misunderstandings
· Young Jazz pianist Dan Karlsberg has released a great new CD, The Adventures of the Dan Karlsberg Group. The "adventures" referred to in the title allude to the CD's musical restlessness, as Karlsberg leads his group through a diverse array of global musical styles, touching on traditional yet open-ended Jazz (of course), Asian, American Folk and innovative French Classical music. The multicultural band's debut also includes a guest vocal appearance by Mica Darley, niece of the late Rosemary Clooney, who makes her recorded debut on Adventures. Karlsberg plays around town often — on Saturday he's at the Cactus Pear in Blue Ash with the Ron Enyard Quartet, and Karlsberg sits in with remarkable locally-bred drummer Jason Smart Oct. 1 for one of his regular Monday night "Jazz jam sessions" at Stanley's Pub. (

· Superb and creative local Rockabilly crew Rumble Club have inked a record deal with Grease & Ink, a new Rockabilly sub-imprint of Hairball8 Records, a Texas-based label that specializes in everything from Punk to Psychobilly music. The band's two self-released CDs, Rides Tonight and The Gambler's Regret (previously titled In Case of Rumble), will be repackaged and re-released worldwide in late November. After some out-of-town car show gigs this month, the band returns to Cincinnati Sept. 22 to play the Poison Room's popular "Toxic Fest." (

· Also enjoying some good news lately is The Great Depression. The stirring Indie Folk duo leaves Monday for an extensive (32 dates in all) North American tour with Indie sensations Rocky Votolato and Portugal the Man. The band has also agreed to a deal with nationally-distributed independent label Curb Appeal Records, based in Kansas City. The label was founded by ex-Get Up Kids member (and current New Amsterdams lead singer) Matt Pryor. The group's second album is to be released in October, and the distribution deal will put their albums in Best Buys (and of course indie record stores) all over the U.S. See the boys off as they play a "tour kickoff" show at The Mad Hatter in Covington Friday. (


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