Kratom Tea: Top Brands to Try

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In America, the increasing popularity of Kratom Tea is undeniable. Due it’s natural compatibility with water, the alkaloids allow for simple and effective consumption. Tea is not only pleasant, but it is also traditional to the native cultures that have been harvesting Kratom for centuries.

If you are looking to grab some quality Kratom Tea then you need to know where to go, what to buy. It can be a little intimidating when you are just jumping into something new. This article aims to help by discussing Kratom tea, the best brands and most importantly, the best places to get it.  Before we begin, there is one important detail we must discuss. Not all shops carry high quality Kratom. This is a problem when shopping at local shops. The fact of the matter is, Kratom is effective when shipped direct from the source. Product sitting on shelves for weeks or even months can lose it potency quickly. Which is why we prefer the alternative — online. 

Online shops allow for anyone to enjoy Kratom tea. Regardless if you are from the middle of the country or the big city. You can ensure that you are getting quality Kratom tea for a supplier that you can trust. Kratom tea is sourced directly from the farmers and is shipped fresh. 

What Are The Top Brands Of Kratom Tea?

Instead of having to crawl all over the internet looking at all of the sellers and determining which is the best supplier, we have picked two of the top boutique shops on the internet that are trusted and secure from their suppliers on goods and delivery. You are sure to find the right Kratom Tea for your needs at one of these two places.

Kats Botanicals: Crushed Leaf Loose Tea

Kats Botanicals not only cares about the products it makes but about the customers and the growers as well. Kats Botanicals has taken the time to develop deep relationships with its growers. All the products are only ethically harvested of high quality from mature Kratom leaves. Kats Botanicals understands that the maturity of the leaves is of primary importance when creating Kratom Tea and any other Kratom product. 

Kats Botanicals uses third party lab tests in Maine (Tested Labs). This is one of the most trusted laboratories for these types of products in the country and many different tests are used to assess and confirm the purity and potency of each batch. Tested Labs primarily uses high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS), and thin-layer chromatography (TLC). “Potent” Kratom products will usually have a mitragynine percentage of 2% or less. Levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine should be even less than this as it is converted into mitragynine via processing in the liver. Kats Botanicals tests for pathogens, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Kats Botanicals sells Kratom tea in the form of crushed loss whole leaf tea. The leaves are organically grown in Southeast Asia and sourced directly. Kats Botanicals also sells over a dozen different dried powders that you can use in teas to supplement your current tea favorites. Adding Kratom powder to your teas allows you to specialize in exactly what benefits you are looking for with the potency that you desire.

Starlight Kratom: Tea Bag Kratom Powder 

Starlight Kratom is a boutique Kratom supplier that sells bulk and wholesale Kratom to stores and makes its whole leaf brand of Kratom available directly to the consumer. They are consumer focused and quality driven. Starlight Kratom produces its own products, which means that buy direct from the farmers in Southeast Asia and process the leaves themselves.

All of their herbal supplements include lab testing certificates for the exact product they have in their hands. Each certificate details information regarding:

  • Authenticity – Pure herbal ingredients only
  • Adulterants – No synthetic or unexpected ingredients at any stage of production.
  • Contaminants – Always clean and no unsafe pathogens or bacteria ever.
  • Heavy metals – No unsafe levels of lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic.
  • Potency – Accurately reflects the alkaloid content for all products.

Each batch or product will come with a certificate of analysis (COA) that is easy to read, easy to acquire, and always comes from a third party. This means that it isn’t an inhouse test but done by someone who can’t be fired for poor results.

Starlight Kratom sells mainly Kratom capsules and powders. However, they also specialize in Kratom Leaf Tea. They have developed a super brew of raw leaf. Each tin contains 10 tea bags of 3.5 grams of micronized kratom powder. The tea bags are tested for contaminants, heavy metals and adulterants, are premium grade all natural kratom leaf powder, and have no additives or fillers, just the leaf. They offer green, red, or white Maeng Da Kratom. With Starlight Kratom bagged micronized Kratom powder you get all of the benefits from Kratom and none of the dredges at the bottom of the cup. The tea bags are a convenient way to deliver the alkaloids directly to you. For added flavor, you can brew the tea with another of your favorite varieties of tea like chamomile or an earl grey.

How Do You Use Kratom?

Anything that you can do with a powder you can do with Kratom. There are only a few processing methods of the leaves. The first is to collect the leaves and make a powder out of the non-vein portions. The powders come in a variety of grain sizes based on the manufacturer. The larger the grain size the gritter the powder will be. Instead, you should opt for a micro sized powder. This does a few things. First, it allows the powder to dissolve easier in liquids. Second, it allows the alkaloids to leach out of the powder faster. Third, it allows the beneficial nutrients left in the powder to be more bioavailable when it has been ingested. It isn’t that grainier powder is worse, but it is much easier to absorb and eat a fine powder as opposed to sand.

The second variety of processing is to grind up the whole leave. This whole leaf processing doesn’t create a powder but instead creates something more akin to lose leaf tea. The leaves are visible but broken up like crunching a dried leaf under your foot.

Since these are the primary to ways, anything that you can produce with powders or grounds is a viable method for taking Kratom. This includes capsules mainly, but it can include tea and other hot drinks. Food can be made with the powder as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Kratom Tea?

The strain and variety that you buy is all dependent on what your goals are. Different strains will either pick you up or keep you smooth or completely relax you. There are three (3) main variety of Kratom that most people will read about and must choose between when they purchase different products. Red, white, and green vein Kratom are the broad kinds. Within each strain there are subcategories that are even further refined in their potencies and their effects on the user. Again, each individual will react differently to Kratom. It takes care and consideration to know not only which strain works for you but also how much. Everything is important when you start to explore this new world of Kratom.

Red Vein Kratom

Red Vein Kratom is by far the most common and the most popular of all of the Kratom strains. People use red vein Kratom because it helps you unwind, destress, and release any built-up tension. This means that it can help with stress by giving you a larger sense of well-being and optimism. If you are having trouble sleeping red vein kratom can be used as a sleep enhancer. Along with the improved sense of self-worth, red vein Kratom is also a great pain killer. It is commonly used as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers.

White Vein Kratom

If Red is the calmer, then White Vein Kratom is the energizing strain. White vein Kratom is more of a stimulant that is similar to coffee. It promotes alertness, mental focus, physical stamina, bedtime hanky pranky stamina, and restfulness. If you need to study for a test or are just looking for something to help keep you up later for work or games then White Vein Kratom is your ticket to all night motivation, obviously depending on the dosage. You can increase your motivation and concentration while fighting off restlessness and anxiety. This energizing strain also helps fight against depression and asthenia because it is more energizing and motivating that coffee alone.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom is in between both Red and White Vein Kratom. If you want the best of both worlds, then either mix White and Red or try out Green Vein Kratom. It is always all about the balance of benefits and alkaloids. Green Vein Kratom will pick you up without giving you any shakes. It can help deal with pain without putting you to sleep. You get the best of both worlds. You may not get the potency of both worlds, but you will be able to dip your toes into each. This is important because you get a more whole-body balanced feel. You can still operate at your normal or improved capacity without feeling impaired by the Kratom.

Green Vein Kratom is versatile because your body can use it based on its needs. This means that if you are going out for a night on the town it can feel energizing. Further, if you need to chill your stress, then this will help cut through the tension. Of all of the types of Kratom, Green Vein Kratom is the Jack of All Trades.

How Do You Find A Good Kratom Tea Supplier?

When you are searching online for a good seller there are a few key points to remember. Think about when you buy local or go to any store. What do you look at? Maybe you focus on the quality and style of the shop. Is the packaging of a quality and modern look? Do the people seem intelligent about industry and the products that they sell? Do you feel comfortable in the store?

All of these ideas are the same when it applies to online boutique Kratom Tea sellers. Though you aren’t going into a physical store, you are having to trust the owners of the store and what they are selling. Check out the website. Look at all the pages. Is it a quality website? Is there an about us page? What about the products? Does it give much information? A seller that sells a quality product is proud of their product that believes in the beneficial uses and the potency. They will want to discuss the sources the products and the quality of the leaves. Is the site secure? Make sure that you can vibe with the shop and with the products. Feel comfortable reaching out to the owners with questions about the products. They should be very knowledgeable about what they sell and who they buy it from.

Local Shops Of Horrors

If you have ever stopped by the local corner store, bodega, or sketchy gas station, you probably saw the pill packages behind the counter with different odd sounding supplements. You may have even seen Kratom as an option. The problem with buying local from a head shop or a convenience store is quality control. You need assurances that what you are buying is not only Kratom and not just crushed bay leaves, and that the products are fresh. You never know how long those products have been sitting on the shelves of the stores. As the Kratom tea sits on the shelves the beneficial components of the product slowly degrade. After a while the products no longer are as potent and aren’t worth their price. Make sure you only buy from reputable sellers who source directly from the farms in southeast Asia. 

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