Comedian Brent Terhune Talks Trump's Space Force at Montgomery's Go Bananas Comedy Club

click to enlarge Brent Therhune - Photo: Provided
Photo: Provided
Brent Therhune

“You ever notice the more dirty dishes you have, the bigger the spoon you use?” comedian Brent Terhune asks an audience. “When you have clean dishes, you use a normal spoon and a week later you’re eating Lucky Charms with a ladle... out of a crockpot.”

He says the same is true is with cups and glasses. “You go right through the coffee cups, plastic cups and then you’re drinking Coke out of a wine glass. ‘This is a pretty good year for Coke.’ ”

Based in Indianapolis, Terhune headlines clubs across the country. He also produces a series of popular YouTube videos in which he plays a bumpkin that comments on everything from millennials not knowing what at an old “rotisserie” phone is to the need for the new Space Force to keep aliens from outer space from taking American jobs.

Through Aug. 26. $8-$14. Go Bananas, 8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery,             

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