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Ohio Leads Nation in COVID Deaths Over Last Week

While hospitalizations and infections are waning, they continue to occur at some of the highest rates of the pandemic.

Ohio led the nation in COVID-19 deaths over the last seven days. The finding, per a New York Times tracker of federal data, belies the good news that infections and hospitalizations caused by the new coronavirus have trended downward over the course of the first month of 2022 in Ohio and around the U.S...

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These Vintage Photos Show a Glimpse of Life During Greater Cincinnati's Blizzard of '78

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    "Winter scene looking south from Pike Street"
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20 Greater Cincinnati News Stories From 2021 That We’ll Never Forget

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 The Brent Spence Bridge Is Finally Fully Open
    What a glorious day Nov. 8 was! After more than eight months of lane closures, delays and unholy traffic jams, the Brent Spence Bridge connecting Cincinnati with Covington finally reopened to regular traffic. The nation's No. 2 bottleneck for freight trucks was whole again. Read CityBeat's story about the bridge's ongoing frustrations (but the BSB isn't the only local bridge with problems).
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12 Weird Cincinnati Stories That Made Us Say 'Huh?' in 2021

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Cincinnati is once again home to nonprofit UFO investigation organization Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON (MUFON left Cincinnati in 2012 to relocate to Irvine, California but has now set up headquarters near Lunken Airport). Launched in 1969, MUFON has more than 600 trained investigators and 4,200 members across the world to help investigate UFO sightings and collect the data, promote UFO research and educate the public about UFO phenomenon. Read CityBeat's story about why MUFON moved back to Cincinnati and what the organization is investigating.
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Hundreds of Miles Away, Facebook Users Seek Owners of Photos and Keepsakes Found from the Quad-State Tornadoes

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Found in Princeton, Kentucky
The original poster has found the owner of this keepsake.
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