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Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for Sports & Recreation
Here are the 2024 Best Of Cincinnati® Reader and Staff Pick winners for Sports & Recreation.
Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback Jake Browning
Photo: Bengals media assets
Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback Jake Browning

When Joe Burrow threw that dud on the sidelines of the Baltimore Ravens’ game, a collective groan was released from Bengals fans. The prized and handsomely paid QB was injured and out for the rest of the season. The Bengals were screwed. Or were they? With Jake Browning taking over at the helm, the team went on to take home four more Ws. Browning’s cool head on the field led to 12 touchdowns and 1,936 passing yards. He’s also a blast to watch in post-game interviews, and Bengals fans have enjoyed seeing his family celebrate big plays from Burrow’s box. While the Bengals didn’t last as long as they have in seasons past, they still did damn good for a team led by a backup QB.

  1. Pure Barre
  2. Body Alive
  3. barre3
  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Ja'Marr Chase
  3. Sam Hubbard
  1. Loveland Bike Trail
  2. Miami Whitewater Forest
  3. Little Miami Scenic Trail
  1. Climb Cincy
  2. RockQuest
  3. Climb Time Oakley
  1. Zac Taylor (Bengals)
  2. Pat Noonan (FC Cincinnati)
  3. Sean Miller (Xavier)
  1. Luciano Acosta
  2. Nick Hagglund
  3. Roman Celentano
  1. Devou Park Golf Course
  2. Blue Ash Golf Course
  3. Aston Oaks Golf Club
Joey Votto says goodbye to Reds fans at his last home game
Photo: Anders Saling
Joey Votto says goodbye to Reds fans at his last home game

Joey Votto’s time with the Reds is over. Cincy’s favorite Canadian had a rough season as he recovered from an injury. He was gone more than he was there, missing most of the 2023 home games. He returned in time to end the season and then move on. While not everyone realized his last game was, indeed, his last game, his final wave to the stands left many Reds heads teary-eyed. After 17 seasons, 2,056 Reds games and 356 home runs, fans would have liked to see him officially retire with the Reds. Votto still bangs — but for which team?

  1. Loveland Bike Trail
  2. Smale Riverfront Park
  3. Wasson Way
  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Rose Lavelle
  3. Sam Hubbard
Loveland Bike Trail
Photo: Savana Willhoite
Loveland Bike Trail

While trail runs (especially in the Mt. Airy Forest) can be an exciting break from those laps around your neighborhood, the roots, steep hills and the other unpredictable signs of nature can turn a simple run into a miles-long hike/run. If you’re looking to keep things simple on your long runs, the Loveland Bike Trail, a 70-mile-long paved path weaving its way through Loveland, Milford, Miami Township, Newtown and Lebanon, is a great fit. For miles and miles (however long your feet will carry you), you can enjoy views of the Little Miami River and nature that frames the path beautifully during every season.

  1. ProForce Sports Performance
  2. Iron Sharpens Iron
  3. TIE: Cincy 360 Fitness AND Queen City CrossFit
  1. Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy
  2. Blue Ash Recreation Center
  3. Oakley Recreation Complex
  1. The Pickle Lodge
  2. Pickleball at Sawyer Point
  3. PickleBarnNKY
  1. Body Alive
  2. Pilates Center of Cincinnati
  3. The Breathing Room
  1. Red River Gorge
  2. Hocking Hills
  3. Miami Whitewater Forest
  1. Ziegler Park
  2. Kings Island
  3. Cincinnati Sports Club Resort
  1. Elly De La Cruz
  2. Jonathan India
  3. Matt McLain