Departing Local 12 Anchor Rob Braun: 'I Don't Feel I Fit Well with the Sinclair News Model'

The veteran broadcaster is leaving WKRC-TV on June 28 after 35 years, the latest in an exodus of Local 12 employees in the wake of a viral video spotlighting Sinclair's alleged pro-Trump agenda

Jun 20, 2019 at 12:47 pm

click to enlarge Rob Braun - Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
Rob Braun
It was recently announced that veteran Cincinnati broadcaster Rob Braun was leaving his anchor position at Local 12 (WKRC-TV) after 35 years with the station. Last night on social media, Braun clarified that it was his decision to leave and that he wasn't retiring from broadcasting. He also gave a hint as to what led to that decision. 

A part of the conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, Local 12 was caught up in controversy and backlash last year after a video went viral featuring anchors from various Sinclair affiliates reading identical scripts for promo spots that parroted Donald Trump’s attempts to deride the press as biased “fake news.” Sinclair has been criticized for making affiliates air right-wing editorial commentaries.

Braun was featured very briefly in the visual montage (alongside co-anchor Cammy Dierking) and, as WVXU’s John Kiesewetter first reported, he said he received death threats after Deadspin first posted the clip.

Last night Braun posted on Facebook about his departure, which follows an exodus of other Local 12 employees, explicitly naming Sinclair as a reason for his decision to leave.

I think I need to clear up a few things that are roaming around the Web and social media...

I want you to know that I am not retiring. Ch 12 is NOT forcing me out. In fact they offered me a generous contract. I am choosing to leave. There is no "real story" but.... Sometimes in life, you just know, it's time to move on. I don't feel I fit well with the Sinclair News model.

After thanking viewers, Braun went on to say that he’d “have more to say” during his final day on the air during the 6 p.m. news broadcast on June 28.